EUW and NA: October 25-26 Featured Matches Sign Ups

EUW’s Glorious Return


We had EUW featured matches running for a while, but eventually we were forced to shut them down due to a lack of player sign ups. Now that worlds are over, we are hoping more people will be free on the weekend to play in the Featured Matches. We also recently got a lot of new players to join factions after a Reddit post. With all that in mind, we have decided to start up EUW featured matches for this weekend and see how everything goes. If successful, we hope to bring back EUW featured matches regularly, so sign up and come to the matches prepared to fight.

Right now I am talking to CupcakeTrap, Naggarok, and Halfy about if we can get some special prizes for EUW’s featured matches grand relaunch. I’ll post more here as I find out more.

This weekend’s prize for the EUW featured matches is going to go hand-in-hand with the newly launched petition system. Factions that win their EUW featured matches will gain a +20% buff to their League Petitions.

Fight for Your Champions (NA)


As many of the well informed Summoners already know, Udyr has remained neutral so far in the struggle for power in Nyroth despite having loyalties to both the Freljord and Ionia. He has realized that he can no longer merely sit on the sidelines and watch as they fight both each other and the other nations fighting for their control on Nyroth. Soon the Fields of Justice will feel the force of his power, but first both Ionia and Freljord had to petition to the League to allow Udyr into the conflict.

Having received Freljord’s and Ionia’s petitions simultaneously, the Council has decided to settle this dispute in the usual manner: Ionia and the Freljord shall fight for Udyr in the Fields of Justice.

In order to maintain an image of neutrality and fairness, the Council had to give Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles a similar opportunity. They are now set to battle on fields, with the winner being allowed to bring one of their own champions into the fight over Nyroth.


Sign Up Forms NA

Sign Up Forms EUW

Don’t get the 2 regions mixed up.

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11 comments on “EUW and NA: October 25-26 Featured Matches Sign Ups
  1. Firose says:

    Just a heads up, I (Legostrike) Can no longer make the first match because of life. Sorry.

  2. rahh231 says:

    What exactly is Bilge/Shadow Isles getting from this?

  3. Matsokune says:

    So Ionia and Freljord are finally fighting for Udyr, and to stay fair SI or Bilgewater will get a new champ? I’m fine with this, I suppose.

  4. crusaderlegend says:

    I messed up on region (Heavyweapons guy)

  5. Firose says:

    I will attempt to be on time this time.

  6. TheMadManAzn says:

    Oops, signed up EUW on accident >.>

  7. StormRevolver says:

    Yay for EUW :) i might even log in with my euw account if SI will need another summoner :)

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