NA Featured Matches Schedule: October 25-26


After talking to Cupcake, I can now give a more detailed explanation of the prizes this week. The Ionia and Freljord matches are a simple winner gets Udyr set up. If the matches go 3-0, the winner gets Udyr and nothing else happens. If the matches go 2-1, winner gets Udyr and loser gets a +15% boost to their next petition.

For the Shadow Isles vs Bilgewater games, its a little more complex (they don’t have a champion with loyalties to both sides). If the winner of this match up goes 3-0, they get to pickup a tertiary champion. If the games go 2-1, the winning side can choose to get either a Secondary Champion or a +30% boost to their next champion petition. The losing side would get a +15% boost to their next champion petition.


Bronze Slots and Sub-30s

Summoners who have not yet reached Level 30 of their Institute education may sign up for a Bronze slot. However, level 30 Summoners—including any in the audience who are willing and able to fill last-minute gaps—will have priority. We mean no slight to Summoners who are below level 30, but for reasons of experience as well as rune/mastery disparities, we try to make sure all Summoners are level 30 if possible to ensure a more fair match.

Quick Rundown of How Filling of Bronze slots will be Handled from now on.
Bronzes and Unrankeds are treated identically, like Diamonds and Plats. Unrankeds just count as Bronze by default.
Sub-30s can sign up for a Bronze (Bronze/Unranked) slot. However, the priority order is as follows (using Bronze to mean Bronze/Unranked):
  • Bronzes who signed up ahead of time, in order of priority from the random draw.
  • Bronzes from the audience (fill-ins)
  • Sub-30s who signed up ahead of time
  • Sub-30s from the audience

Sub-30s will be marked with an [n] next to their name, to indicate that the slot they are listed in can be filled by a bronze or unranked that show up on game day.

As much as I don’t want to push Sub-30s to the very back like this, it has a very strong community demand. Sorry Sub-30s, get leveled up quick.


October 25-26 Featured Matches Schedule

Day 1 – Ionia vs Freljord

Game 1 – 12:30 Pacific : HHGSS

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Color Caster:    JDmage    Play-by-play Caster: Wexiomatic


  •     Diamond/Plat: Coops (subs: Catbox, Elite)
  •     Diamond/Plat: Kawaii Asuna
  •     Gold: ROBEDPHOENIX (subs: Light Ethos, Revoluxionist, Junpei Tenmyouji, LightPhyXer, FG Castiel)
  •     Silver: Purple Bavarois
  •     Silver: ______


  •     Diamond/Plat: Hellioning
  •     Diamond/Plat: aniv
  •     Gold: Wrath of Avarice
  •     Silver: Tanadon (subs: MetricTrout)
  •     Silver: Alkomon

Game 2 – 1:30 Pacific: GGSSB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Color Caster: heavyweapons guy    Play-by-play Caster: themadmanazn


  •     Gold: Wrath of Avarice
  •     Gold: _____
  •     Silver: CrazyMLC (subs: Alkomon, Tanadon)
  •     Silver: MetricTrout
  •     Bronze: Whitakker


  •     Gold: Light Ethos (subs: Revoluxionist, LightPhyXer, FG Castiel, ROBEDPHOENIX)
  •     Gold: Junpei Tenmyouji
  •     Silver: Purple Bavarois
  •     Silver: ______
  •     Bronze: sophiechan (subs: Legostrike, Birkeland)

Game 3 – 2:30 Pacific: HHHGS

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Color Caster: Mixizm     Play-by-play Caster: JMagister


  •     Diamond/Plat: Catbox (subs: Coops)
  •     Diamond/Plat: Elite
  •     Diamond/Plat: Kawaii Asuna
  •     Gold: LightPhyXer (subs: FG Castiel, Veloce Visrin, ROBEDPHOENIX, Junpei Tenmyouji, Revoluxionist)
  •     Silver: Purple Bavarois


  •     Diamond/Plat: aniv
  •     Diamond/Plat: Hellioning
  •     Diamond/Plat: RustSka
  •     Gold: Wrath of Avarice
  •     Silver: CrazyMLC (subs: Tanadon, MetricTrout, Alkomon)

Day 2 – Bilgewater vs Shadow Isles

Game 1 – 12:30 Pacific : GGSSB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Color Caster:    JDmage    Play-by-play Caster: Magnake


  •     Gold: themadmanazn (subs: JDmage, Sgt Porkchop, rahh231, Sodaman64)
  •     Gold: Gariet
  •     Silver: Rextreff (subs: Argus Filch, Darkomega242)
  •     Silver: Animorpherv1
  •     Bronze: DoubleRussia (subs: ggpallys)

Shadow Isles

  •     Gold: Paco23 (subs: drmigit2, PONCHOGRANDE)
  •     Gold: Adorryable
  •     Silver: Cis (subs: ArrowDealer)
  •     Silver: Mixizm
  •     Bronze: RaptorAttacks (subs: ZestyLime)

Game 2 – 1:30 Pacific: HGGSS

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Color Caster:_____     Play-by-play Caster: Damaster00777

Shadow Isles

  •     Diamond/Plat: LastPunisher
  •     Gold: PONCHOGRANDE
  •     Gold: DemonicSothe
  •     Silver: ArrowDealer (subs: Cis)
  •     Silver: Mixizm


  •     Diamond/Plat: heavyweapons guy (subs: Naggarok)
  •     Gold: Sodaman64 (subs: Sgt Porkchop, rahh231, themadmanazn, Gariet)
  •     Gold: JDmage
  •     Silver: Argus Filch (subs: Rextreff)
  •     Silver: Darkomega242

Game 3 – 2:30 Pacific: GGSSB

Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Color Caster: heavyweapons guy    Play-by-play Caster: Sgt Porkchop


  •     Gold: Wexiomatic (subs:Sgt Porkchop, JDmage, themadmanazn, Gariet, Sodaman64)
  •     Gold: rahh231
  •     Silver: Rextreff (subs: Darkomega242)
  •     Silver: Argus Filch
  •     Bronze: ggpallys (subs: Mc Navage, DoubleRussia)

Shadow Isles

  •     Gold: drmigit2 (subs: DemonicSothe)
  •     Gold: PONCHOGRANDE
  •     Silver: ArrowDealer (subs: Mixizm)
  •     Silver: Cis
  •     Bronze: ZestyLime (subs: TotsNotaBot [n])
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6 comments on “NA Featured Matches Schedule: October 25-26
  1. […] Above the common crowds, on a raised balcony reserved for the esteemed Champions of the League, Udyr watched the empty Field of Justice below. As in the Mirrorwater dispute over a year ago, Udyr had remained on the sidelines, not yet declaring for either Ionia or the Freljord. It was widely rumored that he was about to make his decision as to which side he would support in the battle for Nyroth. The Spirit Walker was known to respect strength and resolve, and it was believed that the outcome of this clash between Ionia and the Freljord would lead him to his decision. […]

  2. Kevin says:

    hey guys for second MU you put me on freljord instead of ionia just fyi

  3. Damaster00777 says:

    I’m not gonna be available for any of the matches on Sunday, I’m going to be out of town from Noon ’till midnight.

    • Damaster00777 says:

      Make that a “maybe out of town”, it’s now up in the air. I’ll/we’ll know by game time.

  4. Firose says:

    bronze for only one game? Ok then.

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