October 24th Petition Results

So here we are the first set of petitions have come and there are some interesting results. Remember that failed petitions and failed support or oppose actions both cost 10 favor from that faction. Also the critical success roll for petitions is applied to support or oppose actions but will only be X2 at best.

In order for clarity and in order to not favor a faction, all favor loses will be counted after all petitions are finished.The end result for the factions on whether to oppose or support is as follows:

  • Bilgewater: Will oppose Ionia’s petition. (won by two votes over support Shadow Isles)
  • Freljord: Will support Bilgewater for its petition. (Beat out “Oppose Ionia” by one vote.)
  • Ionia: Will oppose Shadow Isles’ petition. (Won by one vote due to an “Oppose Bilgewater” vote being disqualified.)
  • Shadow Isles: Will oppose Bilgewater’s petition. (And they were going to help. No ultimate betrayal here.)

Now then for the favor rolls for two weeks. Dice used is 2d21-22 with the number be added or subtracted. (1d21-11 is the default.)

  • Bilgewater: 5. 95+5=100 total favor
  • Freljord: 3. 90+3=93 total favor
  • Ionia: 5. 70+5=75 total favor.
  • Shadow Isles: -9. 70-9=61 total favor

So that leaves us with the actual petition results:


  • Wants a tertiary champion. Difficulty is 170. Bilgewater will burn favor. Freljord is assisting and Shadow Isles are opposing.
  • Math: Roll is 37. Burn favor: 37*2=74. 74+37=111 favor from rolling.
  • Frejlordian Assistance: 50+93=143. 143-100=43. 43/2=22 added favor. Bilgewater now up to 133 from rolls.
  • Shadow Isle Opposition: 79+61=140. 140-100=40. 40/2=20 added favor to the difficulty. Bilgewater is now at 113 from rolls.
  • Final result: 113+100=213 total favor against 170 DC. Bilgewater is successful!
  • Bilgewater is now at 34 favor due to burning. Shadow Isles loses 10 favor for a failing oppose.

The Freljord

  • Wants a secondary champion. Difficulty is 120. No one is helping or opposing. No favor will be burned.
  • Math: Roll is 53. 53+93=146. 146>120
  • Final Result: 146 favor againist 120 DC.  The Frejlord is successful!


  • Wants a secondary champion. Difficulty is 120. Bilgewater is opposing. No favor will be burned.
  • Math: Roll is 19. 19+75=94 favor. 94<120 but we still need to see Bilgewater.
  • Bilgewater opposition: rollled a 91. 91+100×2=291. 291-100=291. 191/2=96. Ionia is now at -2 favor for it to pass.
  • Final Result: -2 favor against 120 DC.  Ionia has fail their petition and will lose 10 favor.

Shadow Isles

  • Wants a secondary champion. Difficulty is 120. Ionia is opposing. No favor will be burned.
  • Math: 82. 82+61×2 due to rolling over 80= 204. 204>120 but then Ionia is here.
  • Ionian Opposition: Roll 86. 86+75×2=237. 237-100=137. 137/2=69. 69 x 1.5 (Ionia special feature)=104 favor aginist.
  • Final result: 204-104=100 favor. 100 favor against 120  DC. Shadow Isles has failed and loses 10 favor.
  • Ionia gains 5 favor due to a successful oppose.

Final Results

Bilgewater and Frejlord both have succeeded at their petitions. Polls for both factions will be coming shortly. Ionia and Shadow Isles both failed and lose favor, though Ionia gains some back through its successful opposition of Shadow Isles.

Final Favor

  • Biglewater: 34 favor. 66 lost due to burning.
  • Freljord: 93 favor.
  • Ionia: 70 favor. Lost -10 for failing their petitions but gained +5 for a successful oppose.
  • Shadow Isles: 41 favor. Lost -10 for a failed oppose and -10 for a failed petition.

If you have any comments, put them below. Research rolls will be sometime tonight.

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18 comments on “October 24th Petition Results
  1. […] another mini lore update to reflect a recent Champion addition by League petition. When I have the time, I’ll try to get it cleaned up and revised as a proper update. For now, […]

  2. ChroniclerC says:

    Is there a second set of petitions coming this weekend? Or do the support/oppose rolls count as the “second” petition mentioned on the politics page? If so, that needs clarification. I would have voted differently. (Not asking for a redo or anything, though. ^_^; )

    • naggarok says:

      This weekend will be espionage and commerce votes.Espionage is roll-based, Commerce isn’t. Espionage and petitions will alternate weeks, so the next will be petitions, the week after will be espionage and so on.

      • ChroniclerC says:

        So, yes, the support/oppose rolls count as the second petition?
        “Once every two weeks, on Sunday (after the Featured Matches), factions can make up to two formal petitions to the League.”
        (Again, not trying to call you out on “doing it wrong” or anything like that, I just want the page to be accurate.)

      • naggarok says:

        Support/oppose isn’t related to the petitions. What happened to the petitions is that they are only accepted if the percentage vote is above 50%. If it isn’t then, it doesn’t go. All the faction either A) didn’t have any other options above 50%(Frejlord/Bilgewater) or it was overlapping like say a tertiary champion addition(Ionia/Shadow Isles) in which case the higher vote rate is used.

        So to summarize: you have potentially two petitions per week. Only non-conflicting petitions above 50% vote rate are added. Support/oppose does not influence the number of petitions a faction does.

      • ChroniclerC says:

        Oh! I see. And, upon looking back at the voting page, that was all explained perfectly well already. I have simply derped since then. ^_^; Thank you for humoring me.

        • CupcakeTrap says:

          That might actually be something to revise. I was just thinking about this yesterday. It might make sense to just give one petition per week, to simplify things.

  3. LightPhyXer says:

    This has honestly been a pretty bad week in my opinion. Setting aside the whole deal with the Featured Match rewards, only 8 hours of voting for the petitions means less exposure/chance for discussion. Plus, a lot of new people joined due to the reddit post last week. Do they understand the system?

    Heck, the person who rolled today nearly missed doubling favor for SI until I put in my own tabulation of the roll result.

    Plus, why is tertiary suddenly 170 Difficulty when it says it’s supposed to be 180? The reason I was given was: Well, factions are going to run out of Secondary champions soon, so we need to make Tertiary easier. And I don’t get that. Isn’t the whole point of the Research system to help cross that gap? To bring champions closer to the roster and so make it easier to roll? Isn’t that also the purpose of collecting Favor from Featured matches, and buying it with Commerce? Isn’t that the point of the Favor Burn mechanic?

    The whole 180 > 170 deal made no difference for the roll, but I just don’t like seeing base rules changed with barely any notice. Besides, many rosters have at least 2 secondary champions, meaning at least a month and a half more before they actually have to petition for tertiary champions, assuming they always succeed their petitions. I don’t really see that as “running out soon”. By that time, they’ll have probably finished a research project. I just don’t see why a core rule needs to be changed.

    • naggarok says:

      I will agree that this isn’t the best start for this thing, but everything should proceed fairly smoothly from this point in time. This was something entirely new for both staff and factions alike, and I don’t really like that I’m forcing decisions within several days. This isn’t going to be a norm. But anyway my points:

      A) This is new for everyone and furthermore, this could actually be far more complicated as we haven’t even added in the commerce system yet(that’s next week).

      B)The critical. That was a simple misreading/hearing on my part, and that’s also new for everyone. I am sorry for that.

      C) First, there was warning. The petition results post listed the difficulty(admittedly not the clearest thing in world. Mistake on my part).
      Second, the reason I gave you was half-assed and I wasn’t really paying attention. The number was randomly thought up and hadn’t been used before, there isn’t anything inherently sacred about it
      Third, it was simply to make it slightly easier due to it already being the hardest roll in the game. Seeing as how at 100 favor, you still had only a 20% chance to get it, and, while it should be hard(and it does still have the highest DC for the petition), it shouldn’t be THAT hard.

      D) I don’t want to change rules that have been in use. I want to have a consistent base. Since the tertiary petition was something that hadn’t been in use, it would be better to make the change now than to go a month later and go “maybe it should be lower” which would be much worse.

      I will concede that I didn’t give much warning about the change and didn’t adequately explain it. I will try in the future to not change things rapidily and again, petitions/espinonage/economics will have much more time.

      My current plan is the following. The voting for the polls will begin on Sundary and will last till Wendsday night. Then the support/oppose vote will be posted and will last until Thursday night. Petition rolls will be done then. If a poll is required, it will be used then and alst till featured matches. Do you find that amount of time acceptable for discussion on voting?

      • LightPhyXer says:

        More time is definitely a good idea. I mean, the chat just had two Ionians pop up who were at work and would have voted to oppose Bilgewater. That would have tipped the vote easily.

        I guess I didn’t realize how much of this stuff is actually new. I just sort of assumed the basic mechanics stuff would have been worked out and we were just putting in the numbers at this point. I guess it would just be nice to sort of get a proper notice when stuff is updated instead of having to read it in the moment and seeing the relevant rules updated afterward.

        Maybe the best analogy would be the rulebook editions you get every so often for stuff like DnD. It’s all there and doesn’t change for a period of time, and people play by those rules. Of course people hop around between editions as they like, but I think you get my meaning.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        I am stepping in here merely to say: take it easy on Naggarok. I tossed him the entire World Systems bundle, and he quite heroically accepted. It is worth noting that I bear most of the blame for any problems in the World Systems rules: part of the burden he’s taken on is the burden of doing the fixes and revisions that become necessary when a complex set of rules is put into action for the first time and certain unforeseen problems arise. So help him out by identifying as many of these problems as you can and pitching solutions, but more importantly, understand that he’s doing his best to carry out a rather difficult task. Let’s have some fun with it.

  4. quadz says:

    freljord + bilge BROS4LYFE

  5. RaptorAttacks says:

    If Ionia is going to just kick Shadow Isles when its down, then we will kick back. We can oppose you, too.

    • LightPhyXer says:

      Hey man, I don’t want to get into a war with the SI over this. I frankly also don’t understand who would vote to oppose SI at this point when Bilge is just going to pull further ahead.

      • RaptorAttacks says:

        I demand we see the poll results. I want to see the Silent Majority’s influence over this.

    • ChroniclerC says:

      Agreed. Fuck you, Ionia.

  6. endervictorious says:

    ionia let us not kill each other plz as we are loosing so hard lol

  7. StormRevolver says:

    all these oppose supports seems like so random XD like hey lets opose each other in a circle XD

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