November 1-2 Featured Matches Schedule

The Harrowing

The Harrowing has arrived! Prepare your souls to face the horror of the Shadow Isles, and pray that you make it through the nightmares alive.


As I mentioned in the sign up post, we are having a skin party in connection with this weekend’s featured matches. And, of course, we are having a skin contest if we are having a skin party. The winners of the skin contest will be immortalized in legend (a lore cameo). There will be 3 categories with 1 winner each: Best overall skin, Spookiest skin, and Funniest skin. So, in addition to your A-game, bring the coolest, scariest, and most hilarious skins you got, summoners.


Island Exploration

The League of Legends will award the victorious factions from this weekend the right to explore and lay claim to one of the islands of Nyroth.

Also, if a faction manages to go 3-0 in their featured matches, they pick up a secondary prize. This week’s is a gain of 20 Commerce.

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  1. […] tournaments held before the League of Legends, Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles each won the right to explore […]

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