Seeking: Summoners for a lore cameo


Hi all! I’m looking for a few Summoner characters for the Harrowing lore update. I’m mostly looking for Summoners to fill in a somewhat comedic “Ghostbusters”-esque scene set in Zaun, featuring a bunch of hextech experts running around during the Harrowing trying to capture ghosts for study. That said, there are plenty of other places for Summoners in this update. (I’ll try my best to ask first.) I’ll also hang on to these entries for future use. (Again, I’ll ask before using them, if at all possible…though there’s some risk that I’ll seek forgiveness instead of permission later on, with the understanding that if you seriously object to something I’ll do my best to edit it post-publication.)

So here’s a quick questionnaire.

I won’t publicize these directly, because they include email addresses, but I might post a redacted version later, for the curious. As I’ve mentioned, I’d really like to get a Factions wiki going, one feature of which would be space for more elaborate Summoner bios.


EDIT: These are fantastic! I’m really enjoying them so far. Please keep them coming. I had originally intended this just as a way to grab a few characters for this lore update, but people are submitting very high quality material, and this is turning into the foundation of that compendium of Summoner backstories we’d been talking about.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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13 comments on “Seeking: Summoners for a lore cameo
  1. […] if you haven’t already, feel free to toss your Summoner bio into the hat for a possible lore cameo. (I obviously can’t use even most of them in this next update, but I’m going to start […]

  2. mixizm says:

    I would recommend using all of these bios in future lore updates/champion updates. It would give you and the lore team more characters and material to work with when writing.

  3. ljs says:

    Why am i the only Noxian?
    I feel like im about to get lynched with all these demacians and ionians around…

  4. StormRevolver says:

    hell im so bad at writing long stuff i always forget the first half of a sentence before i finish it and then it gets all wonky…

  5. 501stbigmike says:

    2 questions. Will you be using the lore cameo’s that were won in the Harrowing featured matches?

    And, where is your Summoner Bio, Cupcake?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      I’d very much like to use them! I encourage those Summoners to submit bios.

      My first priority tonight is getting those island explorations and such rolled out for Naggarok’s weekly World Systems rolls. Then I’ll check in on those.

  6. ChroniclerC says:

    500 characters are not enough… ;_;

  7. StormRevolver says:

    heh this reminds me what we did in zaun chat :)

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