Lore Discussion: The Harrowing

Pumkinhead Fiddlesticks

In the Factions universe, the Harrowing begins in late October and ends sometime in November—and it’s lingering especially long this year. That might be because of the horrors unleashed during Discord, or a sign of cosmic damage from the Battle of Shurima, or perhaps just an indication that CupcakeTrap got really busy and needs another week or so to finish the mysteriously absent Update 5.

In the meantime, why not hop onto the Boards and discuss the Harrowing? Maybe toss some ideas around?

And if you haven’t already, feel free to toss your Summoner bio into the hat for a possible lore cameo. (I obviously can’t use even most of them in this next update, but I’m going to start trying to work them into other updates.)


Caitlyn, you monster.

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3 comments on “Lore Discussion: The Harrowing
  1. my entry isnt on the “redacted list of entries” i dont know if this is supposed to show all of the entires or not, well frankly i dont even know what redacted means. just wondering

    • ChroniclerC says:

      I think CCT (or someone on Staff) is updating the “redacted” list manually, with redacted in this case meaning that they’re removing everyone’s email addresses. It’ll get there once someone gets around to it.

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