11/7 Politics Rolls

This will be brief as the adventure was well, adventurous. So no fluff for you. As before, all favor loses will occur after all petitions are done.

  • Bilgewater will oppose Ionia’s Champion Petition
  • Freljord will oppose Bilgewater’s Research Assistance Petition.
  • Ionia will not support or oppose anyone.
  • Shadow Isles will not support or oppose anyone.


Biglewater gained a gigantic boost of favor from their exploits on Emain Ablach.

Bilgewater is going for Research Assistance(DC:100). Freljord will oppose them.

Bilgewater Favor:97

Bilgewater roll(Research(DC: 100)): 98. 98+97*3=389.

Well hope you are lucky Freljord.

Freljord Favor: 77

Frejlord roll(Support/Oppose(DC: 100)): 18+77-100=below 100 therefore Bilgewater remains at 389.

Needless to say, Bilgewater is successful in its petition. Research gain is 92. The Moonstone is now 84.4% complete. Freljord loses -5 favor.

The Frejlord(Ruled by Queen Ashe)

Frejlord is going for Research Assistance(DC:100) and going for Olaf as their Secondary Champion(DC:120).

Freljord Favor: 77

Freljord roll(Research Assistance(DC:100)): 12+77=89. Failed. -10 Favor for Freljord.

Frejlord roll(Secondary(DC: 120)): 34+77=111. Failed. -10 Favor for Freljord.


Ionia is going for Sona as their Secondary Champion(DC:120). Bilgewater will oppose them.

Ionia Favor: 81.

Ionia roll(Secondary(DC: 120)): 43. 43+81=124 which is passing.

But wait, Bilgewater will attempt to stop them.

Bilgewater Favor: 97

Bilgewater roll(Support/Oppose(DC: 100)): 41+97-100=38. 38*0.5=19.

Ionia’s new favor total is 105, failing the petition. Bilgewater successfully blocked the champion. -10 favor to Ionia.

Shadow Isles

Shadow Isle is going for Research Assistance(DC:100) and going for Sion as their Secondary Champion(DC:120).

Shadow Isles Favor: 40

Shadow Isles Roll(Research(DC: 100)): 98+40*3=218. They succeed. Research gain is 119. Night Terrors is now 23.1%.

Shadow Isles Roll(Secondary(DC: 120)): 24+40=64. They fail. -10 favor to Shadow Isles.

And there you are. All research gains and favor loses have been recorded in the faction standings. Comment on all the errors that are sure to be within this post.

Faction Standings
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