11/7 Research Rolls

This will be brief as the adventure was well, adventurous. So no fluff for you.

Nonactive factions will be posted up sometime tomorrow.

Balance of Power at the time of this roll(Not updated fully):

Bilgewater: 22. 88 research bonus from BoP.

Freljord: 4. 16 research bonus from BoP.

Ionia: 6. 26 research bonus from BoP.

Shadow Isles: -32. -16 research penalty from BoP.


Actual Research Gain: Base=30×2=60. 60+49+30=139. 139+88=227. 227+844= 1071. Changes in BoP would not be low enough to prevent this. which means:

The Moonstone is now complete. Stay tuned for developments and polls.

Industry Progression:

Bilgewater: 50×2 = 100+16=116 . 355+116=471. 94.2%

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 80.

The Frejlord(Ruled by Queen Ashe)

Actual Research Gain: Base=50×2=100. 100-26+4=78. 78+468=546.

Frostgem mines is now 54.6% complete.

Industry Progression:

Freljord: 60×2 = 120-14 =106. 106+0=106. 21.2% done

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 81.


Since Ionia did not succeed in its espionage attempt, it does not gain additional research from spying.

Actual Research Gain: Base=60. 60*2=120. 120+29+6=155. 608+155=763

The Kinkou is now 76.3%

Industry Progression:

Ionia: 50×2 = 100-14 =86+259=345. 69% done (Heh.)

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base=5% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 79.

Shadow Isles

Actual Research Gain: Base=30. 30*2=60. 60+22-16=68. 231+68=299

Night Terrors is 29.9%.

Industry Progression:

SI: 70×2 = 140+19=159. 159+375= 500. Hallowed ground is complete, Shadow Isles now may have 15 additional military on Nyroth.

Danger Roll Threshold: 5% base +2% Night Terrors=7% total failure threshold.

Danger Roll: 58.

So Bilgewater ends up being the first faction to complete a research project. The poll for the next research project will be within their commerce vote. Benefits of the moonstone will be detailed soonish. Needless to say, Nami is pleased. Diana is also interested in this development and is making travel plans. In other news, Leona says you can’t explain the tides.

Comment on all the errors that are sure to be within this post.

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3 comments on “11/7 Research Rolls
  1. Matsokune says:

    If Ionia’s BoP (being 6 at the time of this comment) is multiplied by 4 to find the research bonus, wouldn’t it be 24 instead of 26?

    • naggarok says:

      Since Ionia has 60 research they gain an additional 10% bonus from BoP (becuase its 10 above 50).

  2. StormRevolver says:

    do the extra industry overflow to the next project?

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