Second set of Commerce and Espionage polls now available for voting!

Here we are again. After all the drama of exploration, all you have to do now is just vote waht to spend your money on, and maybe blow up that faction you don’t like. It’s all very relaxing. The two polls are mostly the same though both have some additions from last time. There are also some one time additions to the commerce polls of Bilgewater, Freljord, and Shadow Isles.

Within Bilgewater’s commerce poll is the poll for their next research.

Within Freljord’s and Shadow Isles’ commerce polls, a vote for their new industry project is available. They may elect to construct one of the buildings as detailed far below or fix up some of their lost military units in battle.

Freljord and Ionia have both had lackluster turnout for its polls, so I encourage people to share around the links in Factions chat. In other words:


Commerce Polls

  • Bilgewater (along with research vote)
  • Freljord (along with industry vote)
  • Ionia
  • Shadow Isles (along with industry vote)

Espionage Polls

These polls will be closing on Thursday night/Friday morning depending on turnout/ties. It will definitely be closed by 10AM PST on Friday the 14th.

Edit: Commerce voting closed on Wednesday due to the votes being fairly one sided and to get all the details prepared for the island adventures.

Here is the rundown of the industry projects in addition to the ones listed on the industry page of world systems.

Military (Barracks)

Each Barracks project provides 15 points of additional Barracks capacity, allowing for another 15 Strength to be deployed from the faction’s reserves.


Each Research facility (a lab, a ritual circle, whatever) gives an extra +10 to Research rolls made during lore events on Nyroth (e.g. Research checks to disable magical traps), and amplifies Research point gains from Nyroth/island lore events by 10%.

Favor (League projects)

A faction can also build something that’ll make the League happy, e.g. helping the League build scholarly quarters for its emissaries, or providing humanitarian aid.

Each Favor facility generates 30 Favor when completed, and increases island/Nyroth Favor gains from lore events by 10%.


Commerce buildings are things like trading posts and mines. Each one generates an extra 2d20 Commerce per week.

Bilgewater starts with the Port of Stormhaven as a free Commerce building. (It started operating after the Avalon results came out.)

  • Port of Stormhaven: Additionally whenever a industry project is completed by a faction, Bilgewater gains 5 commerce.


By building tunnels, creating cover businesses, or other suitably sneaky buildings, a faction can be able to have a greater success in spy attempts. +10 to Espionage rolls during lore events and gives +5 to their espionage rolls against other factions.

Comment on any errors or voice any concerns below.

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3 comments on “Second set of Commerce and Espionage polls now available for voting!
  1. StormDrake says:

    Soo why cant we build extra military units at the homeland? I want another skele dragon! XD

  2. ChroniclerC says:

    Does the Shadow Isle’s “Chthonian Hordes” ability mean that their total weekly Industry is doubled, or just that their base Industry stat is doubled?

    • naggarok says:

      Just their base industry. General rule of thumb I”m using that, if it just says industry or research, then its the base value. If it’s industry roll or research roll, then its the total. SO basically shadow Isles has a base of 280 plus or minus the modifier when reconstructing units.

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