11/12 Investment Banking(Commerce Results)

Due to all the polls being incredibly one sided, it was closed and the results are below. Espionage voting will continue until tomorrow night however.

Bilgewater’s newest research is The Atlanteans. Due to having the Moonstone and the research put into that, The Atlanteans will take only 500 research instead of 1000.

Commerce Spending:

Bilgewater has elected to spend its 69 commerce on Research, Industry and Mercenaries(23 each).

  • Mercenaries: Bilgewater gains 18 more mercenaries, bringing its strength up to 55. It’s Nyrothian Strength is increased by 6 and is at 28 now. The remaining 5 commerce will be divided between research and industry. Total of 9 commerce spent.
  • Research:78 Research gained. The Atlanteans is at15.60%%. 26 commerce spent
  • Industry: 125 Industry gained. 19 of this finishes Stormhaven Fortification grant Bilgewater 15 additional military units on Nyroth, raising it to 43. Bilgewater’s next industry project will be 21.2% done. 25 Commerce spent.

The Frejlord(Ruled by Queen Ashe)

The Freljord’s new industry project is the Ice Embassy. Being constructed entirely of true ice, the building will serve host to League endeavors within Nyroth. Upon completion, Freljord will gain a large burst of Favor and gain additional favor from events

Commerce Spending:

Freljord has elected to spend its 19 commerce it on Research and Industry (10 and 9 each).

  • Research: 30 research gained. Frostgem mines is now at 57.6%. 10 commerce spent.
  • Industry: 45 industry gained. Ice Embassy is now at 35.2%. 9 commerce spent.


Commerce Spending:

Ionia has elected to spend its 24 commerce on Research and Politicking (12 each).

Research Gain: 36 research gained. The Kinkou is at 79.9%. 12 commerce spent.

Favor Gain: 12 favor gained. 12 commerce spent.

Shadow Isles

Shadow Isles will be spending its industry to rebuild the 30 Strength lost on the ill-fated assault on Daeyux.

Commerce Spending:

The Shadow Isles has elected to spend its 4 commerce on Research.

  • Research: 12 research gained. Night terrors are 31.1% done.

You can see everything updated in the link below. If you have comments, please post them.

Faction Standings
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3 comments on “11/12 Investment Banking(Commerce Results)
  1. StormRevolver says:

    isnt it totaly mean to take the atlanteans research away from bandle?

  2. 501stbigmike says:

    How much progress did the Shadow Isles make on their industry project?

  3. Licantus says:

    Just a little error: if Bilgewater spent 26 commerce on Research, then the Research gained should be 78, not 72. Therefore The Atlanteans will be at 15,6%.

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