Nyroth’s First Tournament

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Grand Tournament Announced

The first tournament for Nyroth has been set. It will take place on the weekend of November 22-23. The games will start at 11:30 am Pacific time on both days instead of the usual 12:30 to accommodate the additional games that are played each day in a tournament.

The first day will consist of a round robin where each faction will face every faction in this arc, for a total of 6 games. If any ties result from this round robin, they will be resolved on the second day preceding the finals of the tournament (games will start at 11:30 Pacific on the second day regardless of any tiebreaker matches).

If 2 factions are tied for first place, they will simply be facing each other in the finals. If 2 factions are tied for second place, whoever won the match when they faced each other will be considered the victor between the 2 and move onto the finals.

If 3 factions are tied, 2 of the factions will be randomly selected to face each other in a game; the winner of that game will then face the 3rd faction involved in the tie, and the winner of that final match will proceed to the finals to face the first place team. This version of the 3 way tie is if one team goes 3-0 and the others go 1-2. However, it is possible for a 3 way tie to occur if one faction goes 0-3 and the others all go 2-1. If that is the case, the same format is used, with 2 slight changes. The loser of the first tiebreaker match plays in the second, and the loser of the second tiebreaker is eliminated while the other 2 factions advance to the finals.

If there are any tiebreaker matches on the second day of the tournament, the finals will immediately follow with a best of 3. If tiebreaker matches are not needed, the finals will be played as a best of 5.


We had a prize set, but now staff is reconsidering and reviewing their options. I will post the final decision as soon as we choose. Whatever the prize will end up being, it will be substantially large for the faction that comes out on top and give them quite a boost in power. The faction that comes in second will receive a smaller prize for making it to the finals.

Gold bars

We have, at long last, come to a decision on the prizes for the first tournament of Nyroth. They are listed as follows:

First Place:

  • Become the emissary/representative to Nyroth. Almost a temporary governor.
  • Get a valuable NPC of their selection.
  • Move a Tertiary Champion to Secondary. (or a secondary to core)

Second Place:

  • Large Favor bonus for next Petitition (30-40+)
  • +10 to one stat of the factions choice.
  • A large bonus to any part of World systems (40-50 bonus to next rolls for world systems)

BOP changes:

  • 1st Place: +20
  • 2nd Place: +10
  • 3rd Place: -15
  • 4th Place: -15


An image of the continent taken from the moon using a prismographic telescope. The red region is radiating enormous amounts of magical energy. A leyline convergence is suspected as the origin of the islands' strangely regular arrangement around the mainland.

  • 1st Place: Get an island
  • 2nd Place: Get an island
  • 3rd/4th: Share an island adventure together. (Will have separate polls; options to backstab each other or not)
    • First place will get first pick, then second place can choose, and 3rd/4th place will gain the last remaining island.


The teams will work the same as the November 15-16 featured matches.

Teams will be pre-organized by players. Each team will have the skill tiers of HGGSB. (For the veterans who notice the change from the old DPGSB set up, we had to change the set up since we now combine Diamond and Plat into High tier.) The teams will be chosen by “captains.” Anyone can be a captain for their faction, they simply need to organize a team that fits the skill tiers, and all of the players are from their faction. Players can also sign up to play and will be put down on a list for the captains organizing teams so they can chose from players who are available.

I’ll link the tournament sign ups here once I make the post for it.



Captains are going to be needed to organize these games. Anyone can become a captain for their faction’s team. Here is what the job of captain entails:

  • Organize team: Find players from your faction to fill the skill tiers and submit the team rosters.
  • Invite players on game day: In the games your team is playing in, you will be invited to game lobby. You will then be given invite powers and will be responsible for getting your team in the lobby in time to play.
    • Continuing off of above, captains do have the power to make last minute changes to their team roster and get subs for their team, so long as the subs are from their faction. The overfill rule can be used, but only as a last minute resort. If you can not find a player to fill a skill tier, or underfill, staff can help (although the majority of the responsibility still lies with the captain), and only if no one can find a player to fill, the overfill rule will be applied.

Any of the responsibilities above can be delegated to your co-captain (if you have one).


Sign Up

Sign Up for the Tournament here

  • Team Submissions – If you have a team assembled, submit it here.
  • Player Sign Ups – If you wish to play, but not to personally organize a team, sign up here so captains making the teams know you want to play.
  • Available Players – If you are a captain looking for players, here is a list of players who are willing and able to play this weekend.


A problem with my computer caused the player sign up GDoc to save incorrectly. Instead of the faction names it simply listed faction 1 – 4. I have fixed this but there were already a few sign ups with the error in place. Most of them put their faction name under the “other” section of the sign up form. However, to avoid confusion, it would likely be best of those players could resubmit their sign ups.

Added on 2 new questions on the GDoc for players preferred roles and champions. While not required, it should help captains organize their teams and figure out what team comps to work on.

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8 comments on “Nyroth’s First Tournament
  1. Sodaman64 says:

    Just a quick question so far only 2 factions have a bronze player singed up. If the other 2 don’t find one will we be forced to forfeit or will all the factions make HGGSS teams?

  2. RaptorAttacks says:

    Is there any place for casters to sign-up, or do we have those pre-set?

    • 501stbigmike says:

      For tournaments we aren’t going by the usual sign ups for casting and streaming. However, if you are interested in casting/streaming for the tournament, you should try and contact Sgt Porkchop who is handling casting and streaming organization. It would also be a good idea to try casting on one of the Thursday streamed pick-up matches for an audition video.

  3. […] As most everyone knows by now, Nyroth’s first full-scale tournament is set for this weekend (November 22-23). Up till now, the prizes for the tournament have yet to be revealed as staff was still discussing them. I am pleased to report that we have finally come to a decision on them, and the list of prizes is now on the tournament sign up post. […]

  4. 501stbigmike says:

    Yeah, my computer saved the GDoc incorrectly, thanks for catching that for me. I’ll fix it.

  5. Revoluxionist says:

    Shouldn’t there be the faction names instead of “Faction 1-4”?

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