November 15-16 Featured Matches Schedule


As was posted with the sign ups, this week of featured matches are player organized teams in order to get some practice in for the upcoming tournament. Since each faction plays 3 games in a week in the featured matches, each faction can have up to 3 games play this week (this is different from the tournament where each faction will have only 1 team).

league of legends

Bilgewater had 2 teams sign up, 1 will play 2 games and the other will play in just 1 game (chosen randomly). Ionia and Shadow Isles both had only 1 team sign up each, their teams will be playing in all of their matches. Lastly, Freljord submitted no team whatsoever. This means I’ll will be grabbing people randomly off the sign list to fill the skill tiers and making a random team. This is less preferable than players organizing their team, and will likely not have as much success (remember to submit your teams).

The team rosters are as follows:


  • Team 2 Piece – Captain:JDmage, Co-captain:Heavyweaponsguy
    • High Tier: HeavyWeaponsGuy
    • Gold 1: JDMage (subs: Sgt Porkchop, Wexiomatic)
    • Gold 2: Sodaman64
    • Silver: Animorpherv1 (subs: Darkomega)
    • Bronze: GGpallys
  • #ViktoryLapReincarnated – Captain:rahh231, Co-captain:Naggarok
    • High Tier: Naggarok
    • Gold 1: rahh231
    • Gold 2: sodaman64
    • Silver: Darkomega
    • Bronze: ggpallys


  • Elite N’ Friends – Captain:EliteBaM, Co-captain:Purple Bavarois
    • High Tier: EliteBaM (subs: Revoluxionist, Kawaii Asuna)
    • Gold 1: LightPhyxer (subs: Bloodless080)
    • Gold 2: Junpei Tenmyouji
    • Silver: chris00087 (subs: Purple Bravarois, Zukanamee)
    • Bronze: The Mechromaner (subs: Mr. Sapling)

Shadow Isles:

  • The Spooky Specters Special Spook Squad – Captain:silencermage, Co-captain:501st Big Mike
    • High Tier: silencermage (subs: Chimalpopica, LastPunisher)
    • Gold 1: PONCHOGRANDE (subs: drmigit2)
    • Gold 2: 501st Big Mike
    • Silver: kramillion (subs: StormRevolver, Zondervain)
    • Bronze: Damaster00777 (subs: RaptorAttacks)


  • Team Failure to Submit – Captain: Nonexistant, Co-captain: ERROR!
    • High Tier: aniv (subs: RustSka)
    • Gold 1: FlashnFuse
    • Gold 2: MetricTrout
    • Silver: CrazyMLC (subs: Tanadon, Sinneli, Alkomon)
    • Bronze: Whitakker

All teams listed have been verified that their listed starters are compliant to fill their skill tiers and are signed up for the faction their team is representing.

Last Minute Fills


Bare in mind that captains (or co-captains if the captain is unavailable) do have the power to make any changes to their player rosters they wish. This means that even if your name is not listed to play, you can talk to the team captains and see if they are willing to place you into the games.

Since Freljord did not submit a team, and the players listed are just randomly taken off of the sign ups, I will give the Freljord players some time to try and get a last minute team together and submit it. If they can submit before I go to sleep tonight, I will place their team on the schedule. If no team is submitted, their team will run pretty much like a featured match schedule: I invite players who signed up, then move onto last minute fills if spots still need filling.


Standard island exploration prizes are still applied. This week’s secondary prize will be +10 additional points added to their BoP score (losing faction would end up having 10 points subtracted from their BoP score).


Saturday, November 15 – Ionia vs Bilgewater

  • Match 1 (12:30pm Pacific) – #ViktoryLapReincarnated vs Elite N’ Friends
    • Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Casters: JDmage & Wexiomatic
  • Match 2 (1:30pm Pacific) – #ViktoryLapReincarnated vs Elite N’ Friends
    • Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Casters: 501st Big Mike & Damaster00777
  • Match 3 (2:30pm Pacific) – Team 2 Piece vs Elite N’ Friends
    • Streamer: FlashnFuse    Casters: FlashnFuse & The Mimeoplasm

Sunday, November 16 – Freljord vs Shadow Isles

  • Match 1 (12:30pm Pacific) – Team Failure to Submit vs The Spooky Specters Special Spook Squad
    • Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Casters: JDmage & The Mimeoplasm
  • Match 2 (1:30pm Pacific) – The Spooky Specters Special Spook Squad vs Team Failure to Submit
    • Streamer: Sgt Porkchop    Casters: Wexiomatic & 501st Big Mike
  • Match 3 (2:30pm Pacific) – Team Failure to Submit vs The Spooky Specters Special Spook Squad
    • Streamer: FlashnFuse    Casters: Damaster00777 & FlashnFuse


Due to Ionia being caught trying to steal Bilgewater’s research, they have been sanctioned during this week’s featured matches. Originally, Ionia was scheduled to be on blue side for their 1st and 3rd games, but the sanctions have now set them to be on purple side for all 3 games.

For those who don’t know the context of this sanction, Cupcake’s data and statistics have show that blue side wins 51% of the time compared to purple side winning 49% of the time. Not a huge advantage, but it gives Bilgewater a very slight edge in the matches this weekend (like they actually needed one).

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2 comments on “November 15-16 Featured Matches Schedule
  1. StormRevolver says:

    im flattered but im just a bronze i think :)

  2. Bloodless08 says:

    So i definitely wanna sub in if needed,
    but FYI it’s Bloodless08 (not Bloodless080 )

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