11/15 Espionage Checks


Jayce: charming secrets out of Zaunite researchers since 19 CLE.



CupcakeTrap provides a quick narrative overview of this week’s Espionage rolls. This is part of World Systems, which combines Summoner decisions and some random elements to develop the story and throw some twists into the gameplay.

Bilgewater delivers the moonstone to the Marai

Nami’s people, the Marai, live in an underwater kingdom which has historically been protected from the monstrous titans of the depths by the power of the moonstone, an artifact forged by mysterious landwalkers and ritually bestowed upon the Marai anew every one hundred years. (Hmm. Landwalkers who know a lot about the moon, but are really sneaky for some reason, and just recently disappeared. Have you cracked the mystery? GOOD JOB, SUMMONER!) As the moonstone’s light fades, the monsters come closer; the Marai are being devoured one city at a time.

But why would these moon-magic "landwalkers" have disappeared so sudden—ohhhhhhhhhhh.

But why would these moon-magic “landwalkers” have disappeared so suddenly? …ohhhhhhhhhhh.

Bandle City devoted a significant amount of its research during the Hextech Revolution to helping the Marai. With the aid of the yordles, the Marai had made several breakthroughs, but time was running out. Using secrets of elemental magic gleaned from its explorations in Nyroth, Bilgewater found the missing pieces of the puzzle. With this information assembled, they were able to persuade Diana to join their cause, by providing her with lost secrets of the Lunari’s magic that she could use to begin restoring her sacred order.

Beneath a full moon at the height of the Harrowing, Diana struck a beam of moonlight through an abyssal pearl enchanted by the Marai. Ghostly apparitions of the slain Lunari appeared and lent their strength, and a new moonstone was created.

Several proposals were bandied about among Bilgewater’s Summoners, including a rather strikingly cynical suggestion that they ought to put the moonstone up for auction, in order to extort the last of the Marai’s dwindling riches. In the end, they chose to continue their path of charity, and gave it to the Marai freely. They have begun to reclaim their abandoned outlying cities and rebuild their society.

Bilgewater gains a Strength 7 military unit, a special expeditionary force of Marai warriors who until now have been too busy fending off monster attacks to assist with Nyroth. A contingent of Marai scholars, likewise newly free, grant Bilgewater a +5 Research bonus as the Marai move closer into the nascent Bilgewater alliance. Finally, Diana is now a potentially unlockable Tertiary Champion; she can be recruited by petition to the League.

Espionage Decisions

Bilgewater and the Freljord each chose to keep their operatives close to home, focused on discovering foreign agents. (Counter-Espionage; bonus to Espionage defense.)

Ionia dispatched a spy to Bilgewater’s shipyards, to see if he could uncover anything about their naval plans. (Steal Research; targeting Bilgewater.)

The Shadow Isles have sent a spy to infilitrate the circle now working to rebuild the Kinkou, with the goal of nipping the effort in the bud with some well-placed arcane sabotage. (Sabotage Research; targeting Ionia.)

Bilgewater discovers Ionian spy

At a recent Council session, Bilgewater produced an Ionian man, bound with chains, and declared that they had found him trying to open a safe in the design center of their naval yards. Ionia denied any knowledge of this man’s activities. No evidence directly linking his actions to Ionia were discovered, but the Council had some stern words for Ionia’s delegates, and they have issued token sanctions. (Lost 10 Favor; rolled “Meh”-level Sanctions; result: Ionia will be purple side in all Featured Matches this weekend.)

Ionian monk possessed by demonic force

An Ionian monk who had been helping to rebuild the Kinkou Order suddenly disappeared while researching the ancient texts that underlie the Order’s principles of balance. Akali was sent to check on him. She found him in the depths of the archives, in the center of an arcane storm of enchanted books and scrolls. He had been possessed by the spirit of an evil dragon slain centuries ago. Akali was forced to kill the monk, severing the dragon-spirit’s connection to the mortal plane, but was badly injured in the process. While she recuperates, she is examining the texts in the archive, searching for clues as to how this possession came about. (The Shadow Isles succeeded on their Sabotage Research roll, depriving Ionia of research this week and doubling its “Danger Level”. It then failed its Danger Level check, and got a Champion MIA result; Akali was randomly selected. She will be unavailable for one week.)


Specific Roll Information

This section, by Naggarok, goes into the details of the World Systems rolls that, together with Summoner decisions, generated these twists and turns in the storyline and gameplay of the arc.

Bilgewater has decided to straight up give the Moonstone to the Marai as a gesture of friendship and because they aren’t jerks. In their elation, the Marai have solidified an alliance with Bilgewater, who will grant them a 7 strength military unit freed from defending the Marai, and they have pooled their research together, granting a +5 to research. Diana got roughly what she expected from the deal and will be available to Bilgewater as a tertiary hero.

Now then, onto the drama of Espionage,


  • Counterspying


  • Counterspying


  • Steal Research(50%, 50%, 10) from Bilgewater
  • Mission Success:15(Auto Failure)
  • Evasion:78(28 margin of success)
  • Bilgewater Counter Espionage Attempt 1: 15. Auto failure
  • Bilgewater Counter Espionage Attempt 2: 92. Critical success.
  • Ionia is caught and must roll sanctions
  • Ionian Sanctions
    • -10 Favor(101->91)
    • Meh Sanctions
      • Roll: 4. Matches
      • Purple Side for Ionia in all Featured matches this weekend

Shadow Isles

  • Sabotage Research(50%, 50%, 10) for Ionia
  • Mission Success:93(Auto success)
  • Evasion:86
  • Ionia will not gain any research this week and has a double danger roll(10%)
  • Secret of magnitude 10 is added(may go up to 20)

Research, Industry, and Danger Rolls(Research and Industry totals will be calculated after the island/mainland events)


  • Research Roll: 41
  • Critical : roll 1d3 for potential bonus
  • Roll: 1
  • +35 research progress
  • Industry Roll: 7
  • Failure rate 5%
  • Roll: 9


  • Research Roll: 11
  • Industry Roll: -47
  • Failure rate 5%
  • Roll: 72


  • Research Roll: None
  • Industry Roll: -36
  • Failure rate 10%
  • Roll: 7
  • Fail by 3. Roll 1d3 to see exact consequences
  • Roll: 2
  • A random champion has gone MIA for the weekend’s featured matches.
  • Roll 1d10 to see exact champion(left to right on the following list)
    • Akali|Irelia|Karma|Kennen|Lee Sin|Yi|Shen|Soraka|Varus|Ahri
  • Roll: 1
  • Akali will be unavailable to play. Maybe Karma shared some of her books.
  • Shadow Isles Espionage secret goes up to 20.

Shadow Isles

  • Research Roll: 5
  • Industry Roll: -49
  • Failure rate 7%
  • Roll 49

The rolls for the island/mainland events will be done later today. Bilgewater’s will be done before the featured matches.

Faction Standings
World Systems Feedback
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14 comments on “11/15 Espionage Checks
  1. […] The newly forged moonstone has pushed the vile beasts of the depths far from the borders of Marai land, ending the increasingly savage attacks. The Marai have begun to reclaim their lost territory. However, they have discovered that there is greater damage than they expected. Not only are many of their great cities in ruins, but it seems these fiendish sea-titans have been feeding from the leylines that run along the ocean floor beneath those cities. These arcane conduits are now bleeding wild magic into the waters, causing thaumatoxic phenomena very similar to that observed on the Nyrothian mainland. Bilgewater has dedicated considerable resources to searching Nyroth for a means to repair the damage and restore the Marai to greatness. It is hoped that not only can the damage be repaired, but that their civilization can rise greater than ever before. […]

  2. StormRevolver says:

    i feel like missed stuff o.O

  3. Vespertinity says:

    So is rebuilding a Lunari cathedral completely off the table now? I feel like we (Bilgewater) owe Diana a pretty big favour, considering she helped save an entire species. Could be a good Industry project if you ask me.

    • naggarok says:

      I definitely considering it and should appear on the industry if we can make it.

    • Quiloren says:

      I second this for industry

    • BlackRose02 says:

      I also wish to aid Diana in rebuilding the Lunari.

    • Wizard996 says:

      I completely concur. This Lunari cult must happen.

      • ChroniclerC says:

        I walk in darkness, shadows all
        To better know the light
        I knew this path might be my fall
        To die in deepest night

        Some say that I should side with Faith
        They say I should be true
        That I shall end as but a wraith
        That death shall be my due

        But I have felt the Moon’s caress
        Have known Her hallowed gaze
        I know that I am truly bless’d
        For now and all my days

        Now truth shall be my shining sword
        My knowledge as my shield
        The past once lost shall be restored
        The lies brought low to yield

        Embrace the Heresy.

  4. ChroniclerC says:

    *facepalm* Whee, burning bridges.

    • ChroniclerC says:

      Although, to be fair. Not getting any research (for one week)? Missing a champion because of another faction’s roll (for one week)? Gee, I wonder what that’s like.

      Can we call it karma and stop slapfighting now?

      • Light Ethos says:

        Lesson learned. Lesson very much learned.

      • LightPhyXer says:

        SI’s research gains early were purely because of terrible BoP and a bad research base to begin with. Ionia got nothing to do with that, unless you want to start counting matches.

        When the heck did SI even have one champion MIA because of another faction’s rolls? Unless you mean getting screwed out of a champion pickup, then Ionia has the worst record there with 2 missed Secondary Champion rolls, regardless of interference.

        I ain’t even mad about Bilge anymore, TF is doing his magic. What can you even say? Lore is clearly being channeled here, and I’m all for it.

      • ChroniclerC says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I do not condone the way we foolishly keep picking fights. SI is in a bad enough place as it is without pissing everyone off.
        However, I have no pity for the way the dice fell and I don’t like Ionia enough to lie otherwise. I find it to be fair turnabout and utterly poetic. I find it laughable for Ionia to complain about having one week of what we’ve had for most of the arc and karmic that they’re the ones to get it.
        But beyond that? Call it revenge served. Call it balance restored. Call it whatever you like, as long as we both move on from squabbling in the dirt while the leading factions get further ahead.

  5. Jpdaniel says:

    And Shadow Isles complains they have it rough. Screw you Ionia indeed.

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