Allies and Rivals

Bilgewater_frame Ionia_frame
Shadow_Isle_frame_test Freljord_frame

Link: Allies and Rivals (forum post)

We’re at about the midway point of the arc. Over the course of the Nyroth storyline, these four factions have interacted in various ways: sometimes cooperating, sometimes clashing. This has generated a lot of good material for a debate over how each faction should align itself. As a first step, Summoners are encouraged to join the discussion on this thread. (You’ll need to register for the forum, if you haven’t already, but this takes only a few seconds.)

This is the first step. We’ll begin adding in more opportunities for conflict and cooperation as we continue. In the interim, Politics and Espionage are good ways to express your…feelings.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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