New Factions Forum!


Click on the highlighted link to visit the forums.

Matsokune has set up a new Factions forum. Click here to visit the new forum and register. There are locked, private subforums for each faction; the forum administrators will try to add you to the appropriate membership category so you can view yours. You can accelerate this process by posting here:


Thanks again to Matsokune for organizing this. I think it’ll really help Factions members to coordinate.

There is also, of course, our subreddit, /r/LeagueFactions.

Alliances and Rivalries

More on this soon, but I’d like to encourage members of the various factions to start thinking about who their friends and enemies are this arc. The Politics and Espionage systems provide ample opportunity to express these relationships. Now that this arc has accrued some…history…I think there’s good material to start forging alliances and launching vendettas.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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