Island Exploration Round III Selections


The results from the island selection polls are in. We’re now assigning these islands to various people to do the writeups; look for the introductory writeups and the lore event polls tomorrow (Tuesday). In the meantime, here’s the rundown on who’s going where.

Neritum (the Shadow Isles)

The Shadow Isles is heading for Neritum, an island ruled by an iron-fisted tyrant.

Argyre (the Freljord)

The Freljord has decided to revisit Argyre. (It was an even split; Ashe heard both sides and decided they ought to take another shot with the Freljordles.)

Mag Mell (Bilgewater)

Bilgewater is setting sail for Mag Mell, a volcanic island apparently full of dinosaurs.

Monsku Region (Ionia)

Apparently deciding to live dangerously, Ionia is heading into the Monsku region, known for its ancient libraries and temples.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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10 comments on “Island Exploration Round III Selections
  1. StormRevolver says:

    oh i realy like the new military rules :) gj nagga ^^

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Indeed. Naggarok has done a great job with World Systems. I initially resisted his idea about giving Champions unique traits, fearing it would make things too complicated, but he made his case well and together we were able to hash out a compromise system. There’s still plenty to do, but I think it’s already a serious improvement.

  2. silencermage says:

    Ionia please whatever you do don’t send karma into the libraries. Maybe you should send lee sin he probably knows braille

  3. StormRevolver says:

    It would be nice if there would be some story updates too to these explorations :) The rolls are already a lot more interesting and “telling” a story than just the results :)

  4. StormRevolver says:

    Revisiting the previous sites would be only interesting if there would be weeks when we cant get new places.

  5. Vespertinity says:

    Good thing temples aren’t usually very flammable…

    • Jpdaniel says:

      There are still ancient libraries there. Multiple. It might send the temples up with them.

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