Major tournament this weekend, shoutcasted pick-up matches tomorrow (Thursday)

Hi all!

First off, remember to mark your calendars for this weekend. The first major tournament of the Nyroth arc will be held this Saturday and Sunday. More details will be forthcoming, but it should be pretty epic. The victorious faction will be appointed Valoran’s emissary to Nyroth for the rest of the arc. It won’t settle Nyroth’s ultimate fate, but it will be a pretty big story shift. It’ll also be exciting to see which factions come out on top.

Second, we’re continuing Factions Thursday with a couple shoutcasted pick-up matches, starting at 7 Pacific. I will be joined by Venia Vis, who’s absolutely hilarious, quite knowledgeable about League, and was also a participant in the very first arc, Mirrorwater. (If you need further inducement, listen to his Malphite.) Depending on how things play out, we might also have KyleDangerHenick (aka Escasvalius) joining the party. As for the faction matchups, we’ll start with whichever two factions have the most Summoners in their respective in-client chats, and then do the second game with the other two.

I’ll try to be around a bit before 7 for an informal Q&A: it’s easier to stream responses to questions than to keep up with the chat.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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