Exploration Lore Events, Round III: Come Vote!

This is a bit of a placeholder. I aim to have all four events posted tonight.

Update: Unfortunately, I’ve run out of time, and I really need to have been asleep a couple hours ago, so I’m going to simply post these as-is. I apologize to the authors for not giving their work the editing it deserves. They did an admirable job putting drafts together on a very tight timeframe.

  • Ionia: The mysterious tale of Bookbook Monastery (danger: libraries)
  • the Freljord: Back to Argyre! (arctic yordles everywhere)
  • Bilgewater: Dino Island (Mag Mell)
  • the Shadow Isles: Neritum (sword-king-dude island)

Assistance and Betrayal

We’d been toying with the idea of allowing factions to help or hinder each other in events for a while, but Wexiomatic made a compelling case to give it a shot here, so that’s what we’ve done. Here’s how this works. Basically, each faction has a chance to offer help to another faction, and a decision whether or not to accept help from a different faction.

If a faction makes an offer of help, and the other faction accepts, there is one more decision to make:

  • Assist. Help in good faith. (The character’s conscience will, of course, be the main determinant of what they do; they might refuse to take part in the other faction’s plan of action.) Reduces difficulty of one or more tasks by 2d10 points. In exchange, the assisting faction will take the equivalent of a Minor reward as their fair share, from the other faction’s winnings.
  • Betray. Backstab the other faction. Both sides roll Espionage. If the backstabby faction wins by 20 points or more, they betray the other faction (likely KO’ing a Champion) and go undetected. They’ll still collect their reward. We might have to do these rolls in secret, with the understanding that we’ll release the results at the end of the arc; we’ll figure that out. If they win the roll by less than that, they inflict the injury and make their escape—and possibly swipe a “reward”, if they beat the other faction’s roll by 10 points or more—but their betrayal is detected. If they fail the roll, they get caught. If the betrayer is a Champion, they might get MIA’d.
    • Note: Champions with the “Stealth” trait (the sneaky types) increase odds of success on these rolls, as normal for Espionage checks.

It might not play out exactly like that, but that’s the general rule. Note: the League discourages violence between factions, but it hasn’t issued a formal ban, or the kind of peace edict that lies over Shurima. (In system terms, there’ll be a modest Favor hit if a faction’s betrayal is revealed.) Make your decision based primarily on the other faction.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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