Round III Exploration Results


Naggarok and I did the rolls for the four latest exploration adventures. It was actually pretty epic, including a heroic duel.

For now, I’ve updated the associated pages with links to the roll GDocs. Narrative writeups will be coming soon.

TL;DR Versions

(Spoilers follow!)

Sannig Kloster (Ionia)

Ionia explored a haunted monastery. With the help of the Shadow Isles, it was able to communicate with the ghosts of the monks, learning a great deal about ancient Nyroth. The ghosts asked for help in crossing over, and Ionia performed a ritual that sent them to their rest at last. They offered Kennen’s help to the Freljord.

Argyre (the Freljord)

The Freljord returned to Argyre, the land of arctic yordles. They battled some tiny killer yordles and found caves full of True Ice. They refused Kennen’s help, but made their own offer of assistance with dino-taming to Bilgewater.

Neritum (the Shadow Isles)

The Shadow Isles came to the island-kingdom of Neritum and found it ruled over by a tyrant named Kaius. The Isles decided to overthrow him, and accepted Bilgewater’s help in the form of naval bombardment. Their armies smashed through his fortifications and assaulted his keep. It was a truly epic battle, ending with only Kaius and Elise standing. She pounced on him, and that was the end of that. The island-kingdom, having been ruled by Kaius for centuries, burst into a chaotic civil war. The Summoners of the Isles attempted to use the nexus in Kaius’s castle to assert control over the island’s inhabitants, but they had to flee before they could complete their mission. The Summoners and necromancers in Elise’s retinue raised new undead hordes from those slain in the anarchic mayhem which now consumes Neritum.

Mag Mell (Bilgewater)

Bilgewater decide that, rather than trying to slay the great dragon-king, it would begin by taming the dinosaur herds and smaller dragons. It succeeded, quite remarkably, and poached some dino-pelts while it was at it. It refused the Freljord’s help.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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  1. StormRevolver says:

    hmm so from now on if someone got strong stats his challanges will get randomly upgraded?

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