League Petition Outcomes (Nov. 21)


“I yield the balance of my time to that scary dude with the beard. Seriously, who IS that guy? Is he Udyr’s lost cousin? Those biceps are terrifying. WHY ARE HIS EYES RED?”

Here’s the tl;dr from the League’s latest session, at which the four factions from the Nyroth dispute submitted their petitions for general voting. Speak with Naggarok if you have questions, or if another Summoner turns into a Void monster and has to be put down. Summary by CupcakeTrap.

The resolution of the four factions’ latest round of Nyrothian exploration will be taking place shortly. Consider this the last call for votes! Polls will close when CupcakeTrap returns and stops referring to CupcakeTrap in the third person, which is probably a sign of worsening mental illness.

Impatient Sugar-Crazed Yordle Summary

If you’re a hyperactive yordle and need this as succinct as possible before you pass out in a pile of cupcake wrappers, here you go:

  • Bilgewater got Research Help and completed the Atlanteans project.
    • The Shadow Isles supported this petition.
  • Bilgewater also recruited Diana.
  • Ionia burned Favor to petition for Sona, and got her.
    • Bilgewater opposed the petition.
    • The Freljord supported Ionia.
  • the Shadow Isles petitioned for Amumu, and got him after invoking Mortal Bargain (underhanded, spooky dealings) and rolling a critical success. (Actually, it rolled a 100: instant success.)
    • Ionia supported the Isles on this petition.
  • the Shadow Isles petitioned for Research Help and failed.
  • the Freljord burned Favor and petitioned for Quinn, but (narrowly) failed.
  • the Freljord petitioned for Research Help, and rolled a critical success.


The League has concluded its second general session of November of 24 CLE.

League opens sealed archives to Bilgewater; tome reveals location of Atlanteans

Bilgewater, seeking to discover the fate of the mysteriously vanished Atlanteans, filed a petition seeking access to some of the League’s sealed archives. Delegates from the Shadow Isles spoke in favor of the petition. The nations of Valoran were eventually persuaded, and the motion was granted. There were some minor problems with an insane water elemental bursting out of one of the books, but Nami was able to bind it within a bubble long enough for her Summoner friends to send it back into its prison. (They keep these archives locked down for a reason.) A different tome revealed an ancient map depicting an ancient Atlantean sanctuary-cave on the ocean floor. Marai scouts traveled there and found the Atlanteans at last; it seems they had fortified themselves in hiding there after sea monsters were spotted approaching their city. A detachment of Atlantean troops, no longer needed for homeland defense, has arrived in Nyroth.

While Nami is greatly respected among the Marai, it appears that Fizz does not enjoy the same sort of heroic reputation among his own people. When told he had joined the League and become a Champion, the mayor of Atlantis responded, “He’s a what now? FIZZ? I hope you keep the valuables locked up.”

Diana granted entrance to the Nyroth dispute

Bilgewater’s unopposed petition to add Diana to its list of Champions for the Nyroth dispute was granted.

Sona added to Ionian roster for Nyroth

Displeased with Ionia’s relatively poor showing in the dispute so far, Karma called in some of the many, many favors she’s accrued through years of masterful diplomacy, securing Sona’s addition to their roster. (Sona lived as an orphan in Ionia until a Demacian noblewoman from House Buvelle adopted her. She fought for Ionia in Shon-Xan.) Bilgewater spoke against the motion; the Freljord rose in Ionia’s defense, accusing the dominant faction of two-facedness after begging other nations for Jax’s addition mere weeks ago, and the Bilgewater delegate ended up jeered into silence.

Amumu finds some friends

Shortly after Diana and Sona had taken their oaths and signed their names into the pledge-book for the Nyroth competition, the Shadow Isles came forward with a petition of their own. Initially, their petition was rather coldly received. A recess was called, during which Karthus was observed speaking behind closed doors (and a rather powerful silence-hex) with delegates from Zaun, Piltover, and Bandle City, as well as two high-ranking members of the League bureaucracy. They were soon joined by a Council member—a rather scandalous sight, as Council members traditionally refrain from ex parte communications during a session. When the Council was reconvened, the petition received an official endorsement from Councilor Kolminye herself. Ionia followed Kolminye’s lead and backed the petition. This seemed to be enough to win the vote of none other than Demacia, carrying it in an astonishing landslide. Vayne stormed out mid-session, slamming the doors behind her, causing no small amount of embarrassment for the Demacian delegation.

Mordekaiser denied access to League repository

Immediately following the successful petition for Amumu’s entrance, Mordekaiser rose to demand that the Shadow Isles be granted access to the League artifact repository known as the Hall of Nullification, but would not say why. As a Council-affiliated Summoner made a motion to dismiss the petition outright, Mordekaiser raised a gauntleted finger and demanded that the “insolent whelp” back down. The Summoner, his face losing all color, made the motion to dismiss the petition regardless and immediately requested protective custody, which Kolminye granted. The terrified man was escorted out of the room by Institute guards and taken to a secure location.

Quinn denied entrance to Nyroth

The Freljord put forward a petition to add Quinn to its roster for the Nyroth dispute. Insiders report that Queen Ashe was taking this action without the full support of the Demacian government. She directed a pointed look to Ionia, which has been maintaining a certain distance from Demacia ever since the Battle of Shurima. No support was forthcoming from Ionia, and the motion died on the floor.

League’s emissary to the Freljord announces new collaboration

On motion by the Freljord, the Council waived a considerable amount of red tape and greenlit authorization for some of the League’s own surveyors and artificers to travel to the Freljord and assist with the project to construct frostgem mines there.

The Details

You can read the details here. Thanks to Naggarok for handling the rolls!

Caitlyn, you monster.

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  1. StormRevolver says:

    yay sad mumy :)
    i was wondering if we dont need the second roll do we have to get the secret? We may have even got mumu with ionians help from the first roll since it seemed like a good roll. its like hey if we actualy get normaly why would we have to bargain. I didnt calculate out the exact numbers the first roll, but it seemed close.

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