December 6-7 Featured Matches Sign Ups

darius vs garen

Demacia vs Noxus, Piltover vs Zaun

Having fought their hardest to try and regain their lost comrades, Demacia secured only one victory in the Featured Matches, while Noxus won two. This results in Demacia taking back custody of a small number of the prisoners in Noxus, but the large majority remain and are no longer protected by the League. Noxus gains +7 military strength (from the information they gained out of “politely asking” their prisoners about Demacia’s secrets), and Demacia gains +3 military strength (from their returned soldiers).

In the other half of the weekend, Zaun relived its glory of the Hextech Revolution. It went 3-0, granting it complete and total control of the pyrikhos field that Piltover discovered next to Zaun’s already owned prikhos mines. Zaun gains +10 research power while Piltover gains nothing (there was some talk of commerce gains during the matches, but it was changed to research after a short discussion).

Factions from the Nyroth arc that supported the winning sides (Shadow Isles and Bilgewater both backed both Noxus and Zaun) will be gaining a small reward for doing so (not yet determined, but likely a small favor boost).


Featured Matches and Tournament Schedule

With less than a month left to go in the Nyroth arc, we have a lot to fit in a short amount of time. We need to fit in an end-of-arc tournament, and work on how the featured match prizes will fit into the Nyroth endgame. While it feels like we just had a tournament (and we did) we are going to have to squeeze another in to make up for the very delayed start of the Nyroth arc (staff has been very busy this entire arc). Tournament prizes and sign ups will be posted next week, but start assembling your teams to get prepared.

Schedule will be:

  • December 6-7 – Featured Matches
  • December 13-14 -Final Nyroth Tournament
  • December 20-21 – Featured Matches
  • December 22 – Arc ends at 11:59 pm PST

December 6-7 Featured Matches Sign Ups

Prizes TBA Shortly

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2 comments on “December 6-7 Featured Matches Sign Ups
  1. Wizard996 says:

    I can assure you, the Zaunite Psikorps enthusiastically interrogating the Demacian prisoners were VERY polite. Some of them even understood basic sentences when they were done. (Just kidding, of course. They could still understand…some of them, anyways)

  2. StormRevolver says:

    so everything went as expected

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