Farewell to CrazedPorcupine!


I’m posting to bid a fond farewell to CrazedPorcupine, a hardworking and talented Factions staff member who has been handling the review of your Beyond the Battlefield submissions. He will be signing off within the hour, and expects that he likely will not return to Runeterra for another two years. (He’s fine! But he’ll be occupied with other matters, and as I understand it will quite possibly have zero online contact for that lengthy duration.) Please join me in wishing him the best of luck and thanking him for all that he’s done to make Factions better.

Forum thread: Farewell to CrazedPorcupine

Fittingly, he has submitted some BtB pieces of his own, which we hope to have revised and posted up Soon™ this week. Synar’s Journal will tell the tale of his Summoner’s disappearance from Runeterra in pursuit of otherworldly knowledge through a dimensional portal.

While in-universe my Summoner will probably be shaking his paw at that meddlesome fool Synar and cursing him for his reckless behavior, I myself will miss him. Though spiny at first, he developed into a valued member of our team and our community.

Take care of yourself out there, CP.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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