Seeking Staff for World Systems

Blessed be His name. Our Lord RNGsus.

Due to recent events (or should I say event), it has come to both CupcakeTrap’s and my attention that we really need more people for this shit. There is a giant amount of rolling, polls, and general idea bouncing which needs at minimum general balancing. This was manageable at first, but new people are needed if only to get more ideas.

As such, I have posted a poll below. If you are interested in being part of running world systems, I would advise you to fill it out.  I’m not looking for a lot of of people, 2-3 with maybe 4 if all are good. Note that you don’t have to roll dice to be part of world systems(it definitely helps though). Again this will be really helpful with more people and will prevent us from running drastically behind schedule on this stuff.

Also, in light of recent events, this week will have all three votes, Petitions, commerce, and espionage at the eve of the tourney. The previous petition results have been thrown out because the Void thing got everyone’s attention. Powerful stuff here people.

Enough of that here’s a poll.

Thanks for your time.

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