League Rush Dispatch: Freljord, Isles Sanctioned, Bilgewater Quarantined


Tell him all about the extenuating circumstances.

See that scary dude and his two scary friends? They just arrived on Krocylea by airship with an emergency force of Demacian and Noxian soldiers marching under a League banner. They told every other Valoranian on that island to get out.

This morning, at the Institute, just before the afternoon’s matches between the Freljord and Bilgewater began, a bunch of frantic Herald newsboys, newsgirls, and newsyordles came dashing through the halls, slapping a copy of the following hastily printed report into the hands of anyone with a robe they could find.

The Summoner’s Herald brings you this rush dispatch from the League, in accordance with Article XIV, Section 391(d) of the Compiled League Register. By that provision we are obligated to immediately distribute urgent news from the Council gratis to all Summoners present on Institute grounds.


Disaster on Krocylea

KROCYLEA, Nyroth— A horrific battle broke out on Krocylea during an expedition by the Freljord and the Shadow Isles, after an unlawful summoning of Aatrox to the island. The Isles launched an attack on the native Krocyleans, and the Freljord defended them. Both sides are reported to have resorted to what is believed to have been forbidden Rune Wars magic. The Freljord’s incantation opened a Void rift, flooding the island with extradimensional threats. Bilgewater and Ionia deployed troops to join the battle, and though they were successful, no sooner had the rift been closed than the Isles turned on the Krocyleans. Ionia and the Freljord stood against the enormous undead army, and (sustaining great losses) vanquished Aatrox and his horde. Ionian Summoners were subsequently able to repair the island’s nexus, but tremendous damage has been done, and it is not clear what the long-term effects will be, on Krocylea or on Nyroth itself. The League has taken jurisdiction of the island for the time being and issued harsh sanctions.

Peace Edict Promulgated

INSTITUTE OF WAR— The Council has issued the following edict, with immediate effect.

Hear ye, and be warned! This affront to the peace of Runeterra shall not abide.
The Council so declares on this sixth day of December, 24 CLE: that all member-states of the League of Legends are hereby ordered to refrain from the initiation of any hostilities against one another, or against the peoples of Nyroth, in order that the calamity witnessed on the island called Krocylea may be investigated, and Runeterra secured against further danger.
Let the word of the League be as Law, lest all the powers of Runeterra arrange themselves against ye. There may be no appeal.

Freljord, Shadow Isles Sanctioned

INSTITUTE OF WAR— The Council has ordered harsh sanctions against both the Freljord and the Shadow Isles. For the remainder of the dispute, their opponents in matches upon the Fields of Justice shall be authorized to exclude from competition one Champion per match for the remainder of the dispute. (The sanctioned factions may “protect” one Champion from such bans per match.) Requests for a stay of the enforcement of these sanctions pending appeal were summarily denied. High Councilor Kolminye noted that, per the terms of the League Charter, Bilgewater and Ionia would be permitted to make arguments for or against the sanctions in the coming week.

Naggarok has the details on the rolls. I believe that SI ended up with a final score of 17, and the Freljord with a final score of 0, both well within the worst tier of Sanctions.

Bilgewater Summoners Quarantined

INSTITUTE OF WAR— Bilgewater’s Summoners were placed under an emergency quarantine today. It is believed that they contracted a highly contagious memetic arcanovirus from the “pixies” found on the island of Kibu. The virus seems to have spread through the entire Bilgewater enclave before it was detected and measures taken. The Summoners have been treated and rendered noncontagious, but they have been warned that their Summoner abilities may prove unreliable in the matches today.

In each of the three Featured Matches Bilgewater is in today, one random Summoner spell is banned for them, as the Summoners find themselves unable to cast the spell-words without giving in to the urge to corrupt the incantation with absurd pixie-speak, such as ZIP ZIP BOOM BOOM or FWOOSH FWOOSH BURN BURN.

Roll Spell Banned
1 Barrier
2 Clairvoyance
3 Clarity
4 Cleanse
5 Exhaust
6 Flash
7 Ghost
8 Heal
9 Ignite
10 Revive
11 Smite
12 Teleport

First round: Ghost (aka “SWOOSH SWOOSH ZOOM ZOOM”)
Second round: TBD

Third round: TBD

Caitlyn, you monster.

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3 comments on “League Rush Dispatch: Freljord, Isles Sanctioned, Bilgewater Quarantined
  1. StormRevolver says:

    was those sanctions rolled? its just interesting they got both the same

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      They were. Naggarok has the numbers, not me, so I might be wrong, but I recall that Freljord ended up with 0 (floor) and SI ended up with 17, both well within the absolute worst sanctions tier.

    • naggarok says:

      The rolls for freljord and SI were 2 and 12 respectively.

      Freljord had -2 favor and SI had 5 favor.

      They both rolled three on the sanction consequence table.

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