Lore Event III voting delayed

I’m going to need to delay the voting on Lore Event III until tomorrow (Tuesday). I’d encourage anyone not yet registered for the forums to register, so that you can vote when it goes up. (We post the polls on the private subforums for each faction, to ensure secrecy and provide a space for people to discuss their decisions.)

Here’s how to access the Factions forum:


There’ll be a link to register. Remember to use your Summoner name as your username.

Forum Registration

Then, log in and post on the “Join your faction’s subforum” board to be granted access to the hidden subforum set up for your faction:


It may take a little while to be granted access, as the admin will have to manually add you.

Thanks to CrazyMLC for running this forum. I think it’s really improved the amount of community interaction in Factions.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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3 comments on “Lore Event III voting delayed
  1. Matsokune says:

    But why was it postponed?

  2. The Red Warden says:

    You should leave a link to the forum right in this post so people don’t have to go searching for one

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