Kalista “Ban”


The Shadow Isles is currently under sanctions, giving its adversary a ban against it. This has often been used to target Kalista.

It also seems that Kalista is disabled temporarily. I think it’s only fair that this count as the ban against the Shadow Isles, as many sportsmanlike teams have already been doing. Let’s just say that the Riotous Fists Clan has determined that she should be disqualified in all matches for the time being while investigations are undertaken.

I can understand those who’d point out that there isn’t usually any compensation given to factions with a disabled Champion. Here, though, with Kalista being a primary ban target, I feel this is the most fair solution for the time being. (It’s arguably a little tilted toward SI, since the other team might prefer to ban Thresh or someone, but come on, SI’s at -40 points right now; we can err in that direction.) If she’s still somehow disabled when the tournament hits, we can re-evaluate.

If someone feels that this is an unfair interim ruling, feel free to say so; my impression from Summoners I’ve spoken with so far is that people agree this seems more fair than having SI lose its main ADC and another Champion as well.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “Kalista “Ban”
  1. Kawaii Asuna says:

    Honestly, Kalista has always felt a little underpowered to me, and I think SI would have more success with one of their “standard” bot lane combos, like fiddle/thresh.

    I won’t argue with the forced ban on Kalista, as it should help SI out of their -40 BoP total value.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      I don’t know. Maybe it’s all just an act, and the Shadow Isles have been tanking their BoP all arc in a cunning ploy to lull their enemies into a false sense of security.

  2. Rextreff says:

    *Hey guys let’s ban Fiddlesticks, one of the most op champions ever who ganks end up in kills 97% of the time and has more spell healing than Akali on crack*
    Shadow Isles: “Nope!”

  3. LastPunisher says:

    welp it was nice having Kalista for 2 weeks.

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