Lore Event III Follow-Up Vote

This really is an ultra-quick vote. Now that each faction’s petitions to the League have been announced, you each have an opportunity to select one other faction’s petition to support or oppose, increasing or decreasing its odds of success.

Here are the links

The votes are hosted on each faction’s private subforum, for confidentiality’s sake. Please vote fast! We need these closed by tomorrow morning so we can figure out what happens in time for the tournament.

Here are the rules on number of responses; basically, if not a lot of people respond, rather than making the whole faction behave according to what just a handful of its Summoners say, we’ll apply a little tilt to attempt to reflect the faction’s overall attitude (and to break ties).

  • 30 or more responses: We’ll implement the results strictly.
  • 15 or more responses: If an option is within 3 votes or so of going one way or the other, we’ll apply some tilt. We’ll try to consult with the faction’s mentor and such to guide this decision.
  • Fewer than 15 responses: We’ll take it as more of an advisory opinion.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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