Nyroth Tournament 2: Schedule


The League has convened the second great tournament in the battle for Nyroth, the mysterious continent discovered to the west of Valoran. The victor of this tournament will be granted control over the central Yoroth region of the magic-blasted continent, where the great nexus that binds together Nyroth’s constellation of nexus-islands is found.

This tournament immediately follows Lore Event III. The first tournament of the arc was held in November.


The matches held on the Fields of Justice are viewed not only by the audience in the stands but also in viewing halls across Valoran, through magic and hextechnology.

Matches will be streamed at twitch.tv/LeagueFactions.

The League of Legends subreddit is hosting a “self-promotion Saturday” thread. Feel free to say nice things about Factions here!


The tournament will begin on Saturday, 13 December, 24 CLE with a round-robin among all four factions. This first day of matches will determine which two factions will advance to the finals on Sunday.

Day One — Saturday, December 13

The first day of matches has been completed. Sensefilm recordings will soon be added to the League’s archives.

  • Match I — 11:30am Pacific
    • Ionia versus Bilgewater
    • Recording: Forthcoming
  • Match II —  12:30 pm Pacific
    • the Freljord versus the Shadow Isles
    • Recording: Forthcoming
  • Match III — 1:30 Pacific
    • Bilgewater versus the Shadow Isles
    • Recording: Forthcoming
  • Match IV — 2:30 Pacific
    • the Freljord versus Ionia
    • Recording: Forthcoming
  • Match V — 3:30 Pacific
    • the Shadow Isles versus Ionia
    • Recording: Forthcoming
  • Match VI — 4:30 Pacific
    • Bilgewater versus the Freljord
    • Recording: Forthcoming

The outcomes of these matches will determine which two factions advance into the finals. This can get a little complicated, so here are the rules.

  • If two factions have better records than the other two, then (obviously) the two with the better records will advance.
  • If one faction goes 3-0, and the others are tied, the 3-0 faction will advance automatically. We’ll then have a single tiebreaker match between the two tied factions with the highest BoP standings, with the winner advancing.
  • If one faction goes 0-3, and the others are tied, the faction with the highest BoP standing will advance automatically, while the other two will fight a tiebreaker match to determine which of them advances.
  • Whichever factions do not advance will come in third and fourth place, with whichever faction prevailed in their matchup against one another taking third place. (We recognize that this could come off as a little odd if we get some Arrow’s Theorem problems going, e.g. where Pinguland beats Rengarville, but Rengarville beat one of the factions that advanced to the finals. Think of it as the last-place factions scrapping against one another.)

Day Two — Sunday, December 14

We will begin Sunday at 12:30 p.m. with a tiebreaker between Ionia and Bilgewater. The winner of that match will face Freljord in the finals. For time reasons, we’ve changed the finals from best-of-five to best-of-three.

The finals will be a best-of-three match, beginning at 1:30 pm Pacific. W

  • Tiebreaker Match — 12:30 p.m. Pacific
    • Bilgewater versus Ionia
  • Finals Match I — 1:30 p.m. Pacific
  • Finals Match II — 2:30 p.m. Pacific
  • Finals Match III — 3:30 p.m. Pacific



Nyroth was once home to a proud and mighty civilization, obliterated almost a thousand years ago when a shockwave from Valoran’s Rune Wars swept across Runeterra’s leylines and ruptured the great nexus in the heart of the Nyrothian mainland. The mainland was blanketed with a remarkable thaumic matrix, which allows for the creation of sophisticated arcane constructs (such as sentient automata) and other marvels; this very matrix was also the doom of the Nyrothians, as the wild magic bleeding from the central nexus contaminated it. The resultant thaumatoxicity has left the mainland uninhabitable to organic Nyrothians, though for some reason Valoranians appear immune—perhaps due to the after-effects of Valoran’s lengthy Rune Wars. The subnexuses on each of the ten islands of Nyroth shield them from the lethal magic emanating from the mainland, and these islands have become the last refuge for the broken remnants of the Nyrothian people.

Until now, the League has kept the central Yoroth region, an area bounded by tall mountains and containing the “mega-nexus” at its core, off limits to Valoranians. This tournament will determine which faction will be allowed to make the first voyage there and lay claim to this vital center of Nyroth’s power.

  • First place. The victor of the tournament will gain control over the Yoroth region, and will have a special exploration event centered around that. This will contribute significantly to the arc’s ultimate resolution.
  • Second place. The second-place faction will gain permanent control over a non-Yoroth mainland region of Nyroth. Whatever happens, that region will stay with that faction. This will come with a brief lore event.
  • Third place. The third place faction will gain control of a cache of gems, worth 20 Commerce. There will be a very small (e.g. one-choice) lore event associated with this.
  • Fourth place. The fourth place faction will get Blue Side in all Featured Matches and Tournament Matches for the rest of the arc, including battle matches.


The teams that have been submitted for the second tournament of the Nyroth dispute are:



  • Captain: Naggarok
  • Co-captain: rahh231


  • High Tier: Heavyweapons Guy
  • Gold 1: Naggarok
  • Gold 2: rahh231
  • Silver: Darkomega
  • Bronze: ggpallys



  • Name: Team JF Ionia
  • Captain: Kawaii Asuna
  • Co-Captain: LightPhyXer


  • High Tier: Kawaii Asuna
    • (subs: Revoluxionist)
  • Gold 1: LightPhyXer
    • (subs: Catbox, Veloce Visrin)
  • Gold 2: Junpei Tenmyouji
  • Silver: Purple Bavarois
    • (subs: Birkeland)
  • Bronze: sophiechan
    • (subs: Kayokane, Mr. Sapling)

the Shadow Isles


  • Name: Spook Squad 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Co-captains: 501st Big Mike, Silencer Mage


  • High Tier: Silencer Mage
    • (subs: Rakdosis, Chimalpopica)
  • Gold 1: 501st Big Mike
  • Silver: Frigid Vengence
    • (subs: Xero the Emperor, Zondervain, 2sp00ky)
  • Bronze: Ozzymandious

the Freljord


  • Name: Whiteout
  • Captain: The Mimeoplasm


  • High Tier: The Mimeoplasm
  • Gold 1: Metric Trout
    • (subs: ll Tolack ll)
  • Gold 2: FlashnFuse
  • Silver: DonnFirinne
    • (subs: Tanadon, athenianCavalier)
    • (sub-sub: ClanShadows)
  • Bronze: RoadRaptor
    • (subs: Matsokune)

These teams have been verified that their listed starters form a compliant team in terms of rank and faction allegiance. These rosters are subject to be changed at the captains’, or co-captains’, discretion on game day. Captains are allowed to make any changes to their player roster they wish, so long as they remain compliant with the rules.

Timing Rules

Each party-disputant to this tournament must arrive at the Halls of Battle at the appointed times for each match, there to stamp their sigil or place their signature upon the record book and declare themselves present to fight.

Summoners should be present at the stated match-times. We understand that from time to time people have internet problems, sleep in, or get pushed off a balcony by Katarina just before their match. Teams may, of course, freely substitute Summoners, provided they remain within the confines of the rank classifications and otherwise remain compliant.

We hope this will not be invoked in such a major tournament, but a faction which fails to have its team ready at 10 minutes will forfeit, as usual. It may underfill. It may overfill up to once per tournament-day, as explained in the tournament rules.

Match start times may be delayed by no more than ten minutes from the time the teams are ready for “admin” reasons, such as stream difficulties.

If we end up running behind, e.g. because matches run longer than expected, we will revise the scheduled start times accordingly. If an event is running behind, the rules above apply normally, except that you should replace “scheduled start time” (etc.) with “the revised start time”. The revised start time is 15 minutes after the time at which the Nexus blew up on stream (or, if not streamed, 15 minutes after someone announces the game is over in Factions chat.) So, if the Nexus blows up on stream at 2:30 Pacific, the revised start time is 2:45 Pacific.


Except as otherwise indicated in this post, we will follow standard Tournament Rules. We encourage the community to keep an eye out for any issues that arise, so that we can address them ASAP—despite our best intentions and quite earnest efforts, it is all but inevitable that oversights will occur, and these are much easier to remedy sooner than later.

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  1. RoadRaptor says:

    don’t you mean 11:30 A.M i dont think many people would be on at 11:30 pm especially pst

  2. StormRevolver says:

    no npc this time? :(

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