The End Begins (Nyroth Lore Event IV)


I stand before a line in the sand
the fight lies ahead,
with fate in my hands,
Today, the end begins!
One step, and the battle is born
the road that I walk is a gathering storm
Today, the end begins
And if it was up to me
I’d rewrite history
and change my destiny
one last time…

The Nyroth arc ends on December 22. The Balance of Power has gone dark: there are an unspecified number of matches in the queue to be scored, and they will not be scored (or visible) until the match submission doc is closed on December 22.

Recent Events

Here are some relevant recent events.

Freljord Victorious In Tournament

The Freljord has triumphed in the final tournament of the Nyroth dispute. It has been given interim control over the Yoroth region in central Nyroth, in which is found the mega-nexus that binds together the ten islands of Nyroth.

League Survey Of Yoroth

The League has dispatched a team to perform an initial survey of Yoroth. With extremely conservative orders to make only a cursory observation, they did not get far: within hours of passing over the mountainous barrier surrounding Yoroth, they reported being attacked by an automata patrol. Per their orders, they immediately retreated. They presented only a rough sketch of what was on the other side: a cityscape in the distance, with many buildings surrounding the apparent location of the mega-nexus, surrounded by a blasted landscape of chasms and bubbling lava pits. The expedition’s Summoners report extremely high levels of magical energy.

The Council is convening a special session to discuss these findings. Yoroth is temporarily off limits while the survey team is debriefed. It is expected, however, that the region will be turned over to the Freljord momentarily.

Peace Edict Lifted From Islands

With the end of the tournament, the League has lifted the post-Krocylea peace edict from the islands. Although the League continues to forbid hostilities on the mainland, it is once again the case that each island is completely under the domain of the faction that owns it.

Island Revisits

And this leads to the fourth interactive lore event of the Nyroth arc, in which each faction gets an opportunity to tie up some loose ends from before. This is mostly just a chance to take another shot at previous island explorations, though there are also some choices to be made. Outcomes will be rolled tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

If you’re feeling confident, you can risk some of your Champions to boost your odds of success. Of course, any Champion who goes MIA in these events will be out of action for the rest of the arc, so bear that in mind. Shadow Isles, stop sending Elise and Evelynn to die. Seriously. You’re hurting their feelings.

Lore Event

Here is the fourth lore event. Have fun!

I know I can win
I’ve done it before
Get out of my way!
I’ve gotta settle the score
one last time…

Caitlyn, you monster.

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