Nyroth Lore Event IV

Preceded by: Lore Event III

This is the fourth interactive lore event of the Nyroth arc. It is essentially just a quick island revisit opportunity for each faction. You can send Champions to assist, though they may end up going MIA for the rest of the arc.

Is this a bit cursory? Very much on the simple side? Yes. Because I’m tired. But also because in a lot of ways this is just a means to give people a second shot at some unresolved island adventures.

EDIT: I woke up this morning and, seriously, my first thought was “I should give everyone a complete checkbox poll to decide which Champions to send, and standardize MIA mechanics.” However, a lot of people have already voted. I might make some adjustments before rolling everything. You’re encouraged to post any clever ideas you have (e.g. “why don’t we send Braum to play with the yordles?”) in the forum threads.

Forum threads

These polls are linked in forum threads. You’ll need to register for the forum and get authorized to view your faction’s private subforum:



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Mag Mell

Bilgewater has unfinished business on Mag Mell, where the great dragon Tarakona terrorizes the native Nyrothians.

  • Slay Tarakona. Bilgewater can try to end Tarakona’s reign. It could attempt this with a massive military assault, risking its troops, or it could send someone to assassinate him. (The latter would more likely risk Champions.) Either would be an Epic level challenge.
  • Steal some treasure. Bilgewater could instead just try to swipe some of Tarakona’s most valuable treasure. This would be a Major-level challenge.


Seriously, what is up with this place? Well, you can roll Major Research to try to figure it out. Again. (Pointed questions to Desmeya do not yield useful results.)

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Select a Region

Ionia can select a region of Nyroth’s mainland, which it will then claim and explore.

Monsku Region

Monsku is a northern region of Nyroth, covered in evergreen forests. It is cold and inhospitable, but not frozen over like the Freljord—though snow has begun to fall. Many temples, libraries, and other centers of learning are located here, now mostly in ruins. Nyrothian lore mentions it often as a place of scholarship and research, to rival the finest academies of Yoroth.

The factions of Valoran have settled in Monsku, building makeshift camps around the Port of Stormhaven established by Bilgewater. The League has successfully created a small embassy with a ritual summoning circle. This conduit allows Summoners and Champions to teleport between Valoran and Nyroth. (As with the teleportation circles that link the Institute to the various regions of Valoran, only Summoners and Champions possess the innate magical power to travel in this way, and they cannot bring significant quantities of materials with them. A Zaunite warpgate could, perhaps, be used to allow larger-scale transport.)

Bobu Region

Bobu is located along the eastern coast of Nyroth, and enjoys more a more temperate climate. It was once a wealthy commercial center, and there are many ruined shipyards and factories.

Yanti Region

Nyrothian texts often associate Yanti with religion, and speak of many temples there. It seems to have been somewhat politically independent from the other regions, and sometimes antagonistic toward them. As for geography, it is principally made up of plains and grasslands, and is quite pleasantly warm even in November. Curiously, there are no signs of shipyards, though there does seem to be some construction of some sort along the coast.

Arcadia Region

Nyrothian lore lavishes Arcadia with praise. It is made out to be a balmy paradise and the cultural center of Nyroth, particularly when it comes to the fine arts.

Pelu-Pelu Region

Pelu-Pelu enjoys a tropical climate. Although not apparently very fertile, and thus historically having a rather low population density and only minor economic-industrial significance, it sounds like it was a pretty nice place to live.

Korag Region

Korag was once a major military and industrial center. There is a remarkable dearth of greenery here, even centuries after the cataclysm. The terrain is rocky and the climate quite cold; it is already blanketed in heavy snow.

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I figure you’re going back to Neritum. You can either slaughter everyone there (Epic Military) or subjugate the island (Major Military).


Likewise. The main question here is whether you’re going to overthrow the liches who now rule the island or make them your allies. Again, Epic Military versus Major Military. Bear in mind, though, that you can’t raise defeated undead enemies.

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Vote and discuss in this thread.


the Freljord


You’re going to get to revisit Argyre. (There will be sufficient Argyre material to fill up all the Freljord’s adventure-slots.)

The main question is how risky you want to be with “Lanpoa”, the mini-Mothership-esque artifact venerated by the Argyre yordles.

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The resolution is available here.

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