I should probably wait until I have all of these events rolled out to post this, but here’s a GDoc summary of the Freljord’s Lore Event IV resolution.

This does not go into effect until the other events’ resolutions do. The Freljord’s roster is unaffected until that time.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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12 comments on “Betrayordles!
  1. drmigit2 says:


  2. Wizard996 says:

    The amount of Zaunite sympathizers grows…

  3. Matsokune says:

    *sigh* You had one job Bandle City. We asked one damn thing of you.

  4. Zondervain says:

    Just goes to show how BC performs overall… XD

  5. Vespertinity says:

    From now on, Kalista is hostile to Bandle City.

  6. Quiloren says:

    I am amused, let that be known.

    That is all…

  7. endervictorious says:

    serves freljord right for the void rift

    • Nathan Evans says:

      hey hey hey. Being attacked by small evil yordles is something no one deserves. Except Bildgewater, for sanctioning us.

  8. Nathan Evans says:

    Can you put an option in the next poll, arc, or something for us to attack, expose secret, etc., Bandle City? After this betrayal of our trust, I think we need something like that.

  9. Tolack says:

    Actually want to butcher Yordles now.

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