December 19-21 Featured Matches

Featured Matches

This was already mentioned in another post, but due to it becoming an increasingly asked question, I’ll have to announce it again.

We’ll have Featured Matches this weekend, and possibly also on Friday. We’re not sure which factions will compete on which days. That might depend in part on how the lore events play out. Sense we won’t know who will need to play each other until all the votes are in, we can’t realistically make sign ups for them. Featured matches on Saturday and Sunday will begin at their normal times, 12:30pm Pacific. On Friday, if we need the extra day of featured matches, we should expect matches to start at sometime around 6:00 pm Pacific.

Sense we are unable to post sign ups, we are asking that people try to be free to play for the matches. I will try and make up a rough schedule to show which factions are playing on which days as soon as I know the details.

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5 comments on “December 19-21 Featured Matches
  1. Tolack says:

    Speaking of which, can we have a Freljord vs Bandle City match for our personal spaceship?

    • Matsokune says:

      I full support this, however for a different reason. Lanpoa is grounded on Argyrian soil, and therefore the rightful yordles are those on Argyre. Bandle City holds no claim to the mothership and must forfeit their position to the Argyrian yordles.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      That sounds awesome.

      • StormRevolver says:

        it feels like it will be just a one sided stomp. im not even sure there are many summoners who would play for bandle :(

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