Lore Event IV Resolutions

Resolutions are posted below. Where possible, I’ve sketched out some details of the in-universe happenings, although most of that will have to wait until later.



The following Champions are MIA for the rest of the arc:

  • Gnar (recovering from an episode of rage-gene overdose)
  • Katarina (sipping tropical drinks on Aeaea’s beach)


Here’s the rough summary of the military situation.

  • the Shadow Isles has a total Strength of 115, plus Aatrox.
  • Bilgewater has a total Strength of 71, plus naval bombardment capabilities.
  • the Freljord has a total Strength of 32.
  • Ionia has a total Strength of 47.

For any final conflicts in this arc, I’m setting Champions aside. There are two main reasons. First, it would be awkward to have yet another poll wherein factions decide which Champions to “send”, especially since in such a climactic battle one would expect each faction to be fielding its entire roster. Second, the Champion traits system is currently somewhat imba, and I don’t want to complicate what are already going to be highly scrutinized and significant events with all the complexities of the traits system that we’re still working out.

Instead, the battle matches held this weekend will represent the Champions’ influence in these battles.


There are a couple key decisions left to resolve. It goes without saying that I’d rather we were doing these votes earlier, but the basic ideas at stake here have been circulating for many days.

  • the Shadow Isles needs to decide how much of its army to send out after Bilgewater. (It could theoretically also decide to cancel the attack). In addition, it will have to think about what sort of terms it might accept from the Freljord.
  • the Freljord needs to decide how to deal with the Shadow Isles if it issues an ultimatum.

Meanwhile, it’s pretty clear that the Freljord will be inviting Ionia to join it in Yoroth. You two should talk some more about that and what you each plan to do. Control over the mega-nexus in Yoroth could offer a lot of opportunities, if you can get through the Shadow Isles and enter Yoroth in the first place: you could, for example, try to restore the mainland to its pre-cataclysm state, or lay the groundwork for replicating one of the island’s subnexus resonances on a grand scale. Or you could just study Yoroth’s mysteries.

Whoever wins the arc will get the final say over what happens to Nyroth, but whoever controls Yoroth will have a chance to set the stage for those final decisions.

Weekend Matches

Based on Lore Event V, here’s a rough outline of events.

  • the Shadow Isles will be launching an assault on Bilgewater’s forces. (Almost certainly.)
  • the Freljord will join with Ionia to voyage into Yoroth—if they can get past the Shadow Isles, or make a deal with them.

Saturday will be a round of Shadow Isles versus Bilgewater matches, using a HHGGL configuration. (Use the higher of S3 and S4 solo queue rank.) Those tiers can be changed up as needed.

Sunday is somewhat TBD. There may not be any violence between other active factions. If not, we’ll probably just do a Freljord vs. Bandle City round or something. If more than one faction is involved on either side, we’ll allow free substitution of Summoners and Champions.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Lore Event IV Resolutions
  1. StormRevolver says:

    but atrox will be still in the fight? i hope

  2. drmigit2 says:

    Hey Bilgewater, you were warned.

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