Lore Event V

I’m going to need to spend some of tomorrow (Friday) doing catchup on Lore Event IV. (Long story short: assume Ionia and Bilgewater got some nifty bonuses, and the Shadow Isles massacred everyone on Neritum and raised them up as undead soldiers, then retook Daeyux and forged an alliance with its rulers. It’s now living its endgame fantasy as the final boss, with a truly enormous army.

Here’s the most important immediate decision for the Freljord: which other factions are joining the expedition into Yoroth?

If you like, you can go in yourself. You’ve got pretty solid Research, and a middling army. The advantage of going it alone is that you’ll get to call the shots without interference. What shots are those? Well, essentially, it will be a decision about what to do with the central mega-nexus. Whichever faction wins the arc will get to decide what to do with Nyroth overall, but you’ll play a major role in defining what it looks like.

Each faction you bring with you will gain some ability to sway the crucial decisions that will have to be made in Yoroth. The more factions you bring with you, the better your chances of avoiding a disastrous failure, but the less say you’ll have overall.

These polls are quite simple due to time pressure. I will, however, be actively studying the “free response” questions, and reading the forum threads linked above. If your faction can come to a solid consensus that would persuade its in-universe leadership, I’ll likely adopt it.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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