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January 10th, Shadow Isles vs Lucian’s Independent Faction of Equality

Since this week’s games are being held on Twisted Treeline, it feels only natural to have SI defend their home territory against those who seek to put an end to all things evil. Lucian and Vayne have joined forces to put and end to the Shadow Isles and their inhabitants. After a long talk, they agreed to enlist the help of some strong, independent champions who don’t need no faction. For too long these champions had to sit on the sideline for the most part, but now they get their chance to fight!

Shadow Isles will be using their intermission roster found here.

While Lucian’s Independent Faction of Equality, or LIFE, will use the following champions:

*Despite Pantheon being tied in with The Rakkor, Lucian felt bad he hasn’t seen much action on the Field of Justice within the Factions community, so he has enlisted the aid of this mighty warrior.


January 11th, The Void vs Zaun

Having suffered crushing defeats in Shurima and Krocylea, the fear of the Void has dropped to an all time low since the Discord rampaged through Valoran. Many Valorians no longer seem overly worried about the Void swallowing the world with nations such as Noxus, Zaun, Demacia, and even the Shadow Isles willing to unite against their common enemy.

Zaunites are among the boldest, often mocking the Void. Twitch even said, “Without the Shadow Isles those purple crawlies can’t even track down a year old slice of moldy cheese. At least with the undead you could smell the rotting flesh among the Discord’s armies.” Kog’Maw mistook the meaning behind the rotting flesh reference and ran off to the Shadow Isles, seeking the delicious meal that Twitch had said awaited there.

 While it was not his plan when he made his statement, Twitch decided to show the voidling that Zaun was in charge. He followed the scent of the half digested flesh that Kog’Maw left in his trail, now there’s a smell you can feel. He caught up to the mouth of the Void, to find out that he wasn’t the only Zaunite to have the same idea as he did.

Zaun’s other champions had also tracked down Kog’Maw, in an attempt to show the inferiority of the Void. Malzahar, however, had sensed Kog’Maw’s danger and used a portal of void energy to transport himself and Void’s champions to the voidlings defense. He also managed to convince Aatrox and Shaco from the Discord alliance to aid him as he fought the Zaunites.  Kog’Maw saw all of his friends racing to come play with him and shouted with glee, “Oooh, such a wonderful feast you will a become.”

Mundo stomped his foot on the ground, “The big moutherd void baby tink he so tuff. Mundo think you a big sissy.”

Both Zaun and The Void will be using their Intermission rosters found here


**The Void will also be able to use Aatrox and Shaco from Discord to aid them.

Sign Ups

January 10th: Shadow Isles vs L.I.F.E.

January 11th: The Void vs Zaun


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4 comments on “January 10-11 Featured Matches Sign Up
  1. Kuronan says:

    Hey uh, I know this is kind of late but is Shadow Isles Verses L.I.F.E is Honestly Fair? They have three recognized Hypercarries (Lucian, Nidalee, Ryze) along with solid tanks (Malphite, Alistar) Duelists (Lucian, Vayne, Nidalee, Pantheon, Rengar) and even Supports (Annie, Zyra, Ryze if they want to go Frost Queen into default)

    Even if this is Shadow Isles’ Home Territory, I want to ask if this L.I.F.E team has been Balance Tested?

    • bakaultima says:

      well remember its 3 on 3 and you start at level 3 most of the si has duelists and burst damage that goes up really fast mid game when begins a lot sooner

    • Sgt Porkchop says:

      I’ve asked some TT veterans and they seem to think the roster is fine. Remember it’s 3v3, adc’s don’t usually make a huge impact on this map, except maybe Vayne. Everyone is pretty average/decent on this map. I think Nidalee would probably be the one you have to watch out for.

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