Summary of Featured Matches So Far

I realized that we had a few lore events tied to some of the featured matches over the past few weeks, but I never official announced what happened. I shall amend this right away and fill everyone in.

Mundo Saves Snowdown

I know, most of these champion weren’t involved in the event, but its got Mundo holding a victory trophy.

Due to the nature of the featured games modes, like Legend of the Poro King, it is somewhat hard to find balanced rosters for them. That was the case of the Veigar Steals Snowdown matches, which is why I will be giving a real life summary of what happened, along with a quick lore summary.

Real Life:

Mundo Saves Snowdown dominated the first two games, which many argued had a lot to do with how they had some of the best champions for the Poro King game mode. I removed Katarina and the Demacian champions from Mundo’s roster, but added in Zac. I also gave Veigar’s roster Blitzcrank. In an incredibly close match, Veigar managed to pull out a victory (insane how close it was, if Mundo had just gotten 1 more auto attack in on Veigar’s nexus he would have won the final match).


The poros where thrown and fierce fighting raged. However, it was Mundo’s team of Snowdown lovers who put the villains in their place. The forces of evil learned that you couldn’t mess with a sacred Holiday of good.

With how easy the fighting was, Katarina left early, saying this was boring. Since the Demacian champions had joined to keep an eye on the Noxian, they no longer had a reason to stay. They all packed up and left.

Shortly after, Zac came bouncing in. Apparently Veigar’s villains had stolen his favorite Snowdown hat. At the same time, Blitzcrank came running in. It turned out that Viktor had to convince him to come from the start, but the robot’s navigation system had been damaged, causing him to get lost.

Realizing that things were not going to plan, Veigar changed his strategy. He quickly started gathering up presents and told Amumu to give Mundo’s team a hug. Excited by the idea, the mummy obeyed Veigar without question.

The champions who had fought to save Snowdown were tied up in bandages while the mummy wrapped his arms around Braum’s leg. With tears in his eyes, he looked up at the man towering over him and asked between sobs, “Will you be my friend?”

Veigar used the distraction to escape with the rest of the champions who had worked with him. They didn’t get many presents, just enough for Veigar to pay off the debt he owed to those who had joined him.

Amumu, saddened by the fact that once again he will not get a present on Snowdown, sat next to the pile of presents crying. Mundo walked up, “MUNDO SICK OF MUMMY CRYING ON SNOWDOWN PRESENTS! GO IN BOX NOW!”

The Freljord vs Bandle City

The Freljord took Bandle City’s challenge head on and came out on top, despite the yordles taking an early lead when they won the first game. Now, many of you are wondering what does this mean; what is the fate of the Lanpoa? Well, as was stated in the sign up post for these games, the League is unsure of how to proceed.

This was not a league commissioned match, and neither side set terms that would grant the winners of the contest a prize. The council is trying to decide how to proceed. Currently they are trying to determine if line 6, paragraph C, of a certain league statute (I asked a yordle lawyer what its name was, but it proved too hard for me to spell out) has a typo on it, or if it should be taken literally.

Freljord Civil War

Sejuani stomped Ashe’s team in a 3-0 sweep. While some of the matches were in fact very close, the Winter’s Claw ended up undefeated. With such a humiliating defeat, it will be hard for the Avarosan to keep much of their power over the Freljord.

When the Freljord votes on who to follow as part of their end of arc orders, Sejuani and the Winter’s Claw will receive a 15% boost.

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