Seeking Matchstaff


Matchstaff Needed

What many among the community may not know, is that the Matchstaff department was originally created to help create pickup matches. Since then, the few Matchstaff that we have took charge of the Featured Matches, taking up most of our time and energy to help create pickup matches.

We are now hoping to recruit new members to the Matchstaff with its original purpose in mind, help create pickup matches. Some of the Matchstaff may be asked, occasionally, to help out with featured matches, but their main job will be focused on pickup games.

Matchstaff Duties

Matchstaff’s main job is to help create and organize pickup matches during the week. This could mean actually making the game yourself, helping to organize a game that someone else is trying to make, or walking someone through the match creation process. Matchstaff don’t necessarily have to play in the matches they help create, but are free to do so if they want to (and I am certain they often will as playing matches are fun).

We want to make sure that matches are a fun experience for everyone participating. A lead problem with this is games with a lack of balance in skill tiers. Games with very mismatched ranked players often lead to one sided stomps, which is not very fun for either side playing. That being said, mismatched games do have high point values if the underdogs win, so players can choose to play mismatched games for that reason. Matchstaff need to make sure that games are reasonably balanced, or the players on both sides are okay with the rank difference when helping create matches.

Like I mentioned above, some Matchstaff might be asked to helped out with featured matches on occasion. It won’t be their main job, but if I need any extra help in running featured matches, I would ask some of the Matchstaff members to help out if they are able.

It’s Not Just NA

Regions outside of NA could use some Matchstaff too. Non-NA regions are much smaller in their factions community and often don’t play many pickup matches. Getting some Matchstaff for those regions could help quite a bit in increasing the regions activity in factions. If anyone from a region other than NA would like to help out, fill out the form below and mention that your from another region, I’ll try to put you in contact with your region’s admin.


Anyone looking to volunteer to join the Matchstaff please fill out this form here.

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