January 24-25 Featured Matches Schedule

Saturday, January 24: Noxus vs Piltover


At the institute, Draven was surrounded by his many adoring fans. 2 young boys walked up to him, one of them held up a notepad and asked, “Please Mr. Draven, can I have your autograph?”

Valoran’s favorite executioner picked up the notepad, who’s cover showed a picture of him standing victorious over 5 corpses on the Summoner’s Rift with captions reading “PENTAKILL!” Draven pressed pen to paper and told the kid, “Always willing to appease my adoring fans. Just one thing, kid. It’s not Draven, it’s Draaaaven.”

He handed the notepad back to the boy and looked at the other kid next to him, “Guess that means you must want an autograph too.”

The kid scoffed, “Ha, why would I want an autograph from you? Jayce is the bestest hero guy ever, and I just got his autograph.”

Draven looked across the room to see that a crowd of people was surrounding Jayce, asking him for his autograph. Jayce seemed to be listening in on Draven’s conversation with the 2 boys and shouted, “Now there’s a very bright kid. It’s pretty sad that Noxians never even mastered common sense.”

Draven’s rage boiled over, “That’s it you little nerd. You think your little windup toys can match my style and skill? It’s time to throw down, right here, right now.”

Jayce chuckled, “Are you seriously suggesting starting a fight in the middle of the Institute of War? You are even more stupid than I thought. We wouldn’t get past the first blows before the League stopped the fight and reprimanded us.”

“Very well. If you’re too scared to face me like a man, we’ll settle this on the fields.”

“Taking you on by yourself is no challenge; you’ll be destroyed by my Mercury Hammer. You had better bring the rest of your little friends from Noxus with you.”

Draven laughed, “Ha, now who’s the stupid one? Thinking you could take on all the champions of Noxus must be a sure sign of idiocy. Perhaps if you bring along your sad little band of scientists from Piltover you might stand a sporting chance, but I wouldn’t risk my money betting on it.”

Sunday, January 25: Demacia vs The Freljord

Jarvan IV has been boldly declared King of the League by a highly revered clan of summoners known as the Association of Defection. Many in Valoran even claim him to be the coolest man to ever live. The Freljord quickly came out to say that they are the undisputed coolest nation in all of Valoran, those who mistook Jarvan IV to be the coolest are completely mistaken. As is the standard, this will be decided on the Fields of Justice. Demacia shall defend its crowned prince’s reputation, and the Freljord shall fight to prove that its champions are the coolest throughout the land.

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5 comments on “January 24-25 Featured Matches Schedule
  1. Guys, why don’t u write what server the games are on :( I’m on the list, but only now i’ve realized that it’s NA, not EUW

  2. Whitakker says:

    Thanks for the correction. Can’t wait to hit the mic again!

  3. Ask Konata (Kawaii Asuna/Twilight Shroud) says:

    I was looking through the streamers and was like “Where’s Porkchop? O.o”

  4. Whitakker says:

    Dunno if it was marked down wrong, but I’m only able to cast, not stream. My computer doesn’t stream too well.

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