February 14-15 Featured Matches Sign-Ups

Saturday, February 14 – You Only Love Once vs Every Villain Is Loveless

Ezreal stepped outside and felt the sunlight radiate down on him. He had dressed up in his fanciest and most elegant attire, feeling extra confident. The explorer looked down at his hand. He was carrying the necklace he had bought for Lux; the bright red gem it featured sparkled as the sun’s light bounced off of it.

Lux had mentioned that this particular day was special…for some reason; Ezreal couldn’t remember why exactly, but figured that getting her a nice present and dressing up would make sure he had any occasion covered. Still, he wished that he could remember what made today special. Ezreal guessed it was probably some kind of Demacian holiday or something.

He started walking, Ezreal didn’t want to miss the train. He turned a corner and stopped as he encountered Vi. He had hoped he could avoid her constant verbal abuse today. She saw Ezreal and studied his clothes for a minute, “Oh look everyone, Princess thinks he looks fancy in his little outfit. Oooh, that’s sooo cute.”

Ezreal’s confidence went from through the roof to down in the gutter with a second. Why did Vi have to make fun of his attempt of looking good for Lux? She always just put him down all the time. It was then that he finally noticed how Vi was dressed. She wore a tie and white vest over a button up shirt; she was dressed up too.

Vi noticed Ezreal looking at her outfit, “Oh this? Eh, my fans said that even I had to dress up for today.”

Just what was today exactly? Ezreal was starting to feel like an idiot for forgetting about something so important that even Vi will dress up for it. He needed to say something back, before Vi could continue her mental torture, “What’s with wearing men’s clothes? You know, it wouldn’t kill you to act like a lady for once.”

Vi mocked him in her most patronizing of voices, “Is Princess mad that I look better?” She laughed, “That almost makes getting dressed up for today worth it.”

Ezreal struggled to think of a comeback, but his head wouldn’t work fast enough. To his relief their conversation was interrupted by a woman’s voice crying out, “Look everyone, it’s Jayce!”

He turned his head to the left and saw Jayce proudly walking down the street, a crowd of women followed his every step.

Jayce saw Vi and Ezreal looking at the crowd surrounding him, “What can I say? I thought that I should dress up for such an occasion. Turns out the ladies love it when I do.”

Jayce was always the one stealing all the girls’ attention, but that was ok with Ezreal; there was only one girl he cared about.

“By the way Ezreal, you’re not looking too shabby yourself. Though you might want to straighten your tie a bit. And as for you Vi, all I can say is I’m surprised you are taking today seriously.”

Ezreal reached for his tie while Vi responded, “Don’t be expecting it again anytime soon, Jayce. I only dressed up because my fans made me.”

Before anyone had the chance to say anything else, a mighty scream boomed across the whole city, silencing all conversations. All eyes turned to the source, but Ezreal didn’t need to see to know who had made the scream; he had heard it many times on the Fields of Justice and it was still giving nightmares to those who had fought in Shurima.

Cho’Gath towered over the buildings of Piltover. His skin was a shade of dark blue. Ezreal would have normally just assumed it was a side effect of the fighting in Shurima, but the appearance of Annie and Orianna standing next to Cho’Gath gave him some second thoughts on this. They had dressed up in very dark colors, in a very gothic manner. Perhaps today, whatever today was, was having an adverse affect on all of them.

Amumu walked up from behind the Terror of the Void, appearing even more depressed than normal. Ezreal looked to his right to find Veigar, Urgot, and Kalista facing him. They didn’t appear any different or more scary than normal like the others were. But then again, they didn’t need any help appearing scary.

Standing behind them was Vladimir and Karthus. Karthus’ usual grim look was enhanced by a giant scythe he was carrying, and Vladimir’s already pale skin seemed to have a tint of grey. Today seemed to bring out the worst everybody.

Ezreal heard footsteps behind him and turned around. Ezreal was shocked at what he saw. Morgana walked towards him and Vi. Her evil and scary demeanor seemed to be amplified. But that is not was shocked Ezreal. He was shocked to see that Poppy was walking alongside her. Poppy was not only a yordle, but also an ambassador to Demacia. It was unbelievable to think she would join such a group of monstrosities. However, Poppy did not appear like her normal self. Her altered appearance just creeped Ezreal out and felt wrong, but explained that Poppy wasn’t quite herself today.

Ezreal looked down at his amulet, it seemed to be working. He turned to his side and saw that Jayce was now standing next to him, Mercury Hammer in hand and the crowd of women gone. Vi was standing behind Ezreal, clenching her hextech gauntlets into fists, “Hey, I thought today was going to be a drag. Looks like things turned out fun after all. I’ve been aching to feel some bones crack under my fist for a while.”

As enthusiastic as Vi was, the trio of Piltover’s champions were outnumbered and surrounded on three sides. Ezreal was starting to hate this accursed day. He looked down at the necklace he had bought for Lux, Sorry Lux, looks like I won’t be making it to Demacia today. His train of thought was interrupted when someone snatched the necklace out of his hand.

Taric was admiring the the jewelry that Ezreal had bought, “This gem is truly marvelous. Yes, it is truly, truly marvelous.” Skarner stood next to him as Taric admired the gem. Cassiopeia, Wukong, and Ryze were behind Skarner, each decorated in some interesting gems of their own.

Ezreal had no idea where they came from, or what they were doing here, but, he hoped that this meant a few more on their side. “Um…so, Taric, what brings you here?”

“This gem is marvelous. Both functional and stylish.” Taric handed back the necklace and stood next the trio from Piltover. Ezreal guessed that meant Taric was going to help them out. It was an incredibly odd encounter, but he wasn’t going to be picky on where help came from.

While Ezreal was still staring confused at the Gem Knight, Vi jumped at him, shouting, “Look out!”

Vi tackled Ezreal to the ground just in time to knock him out of the way of a giant red arrow with a heart shaped arrowhead that flew threw the air. It traveled safely past them, thanks to Vi’s heroics, and struck Amumu in the face.

It took Ezreal a minute to realized what had occurred. The little mummy had tried to latch onto him with his bandages, but the arrow had briefly stunned Amumu, thereby saving him. However, had Vi not pushed Ezreal out of the way, the arrow would have struck him instead of the mummy.

Vi stood up and grabbed Ezreal’s hand to pull him off the ground. “Thanks, V-”

One of Vi’s fists collided with his face, knocking Ezreal back onto the ground. Vi stood above him, irritated, “Pay attention, Princess. I don’t plan on saving you twice today. Once was already too much.”

Ezreal stood up, this time refusing Vi’s hand to help him up. Rubbing a sore a cheek he said, “You didn’t have to punch me to get your point across, you know.”

“I kinda did. I needed to warm up my arm before the fighting starts, plus your face needed some adjusting so it wasn’t so irritating.”

There was no dealing with that crazy woman. Ezreal forced himself to ignore her and figure out the mystery of the giant arrow. He looked towards where its flight originated. Twisted Fate, Ashe, and Vayne stood next to a Marai woman, who Ezreal recognized as the summoner Sashimi.

Sashimi spoke to them, “Looks like you found them, good job guys.”

Ezreal looked at her, quite confused, “Oh, hey there Sashi-”

The Marai summoner interrupted him, “Nice to see you too, Ezreal. We’ve been tracking these guys down for hours now. I couldn’t let those psychos ruin today for everybody.”

Just what was today? Ezreal was really starting to hate himself for forgetting about something seemingly so important. He looked at the champions accompanying Sashimi, all of them were dressed up with a heart theme.

Ashe saw him him staring, “You really ought to pay less attention to how I dress and more attention to what’s going on around you. You’re lucky Vi saved you from my arrow.”

Ezreal blushed with his embarrassment. He scratched the back of his head, “Yeah, sorry about that. I was just a little distracted by-”

“Blah-blah-blah,” Vi cut him off, “I’m done with all this hot air. I prefer to let my fists do the talking; it’s skull crushing time!”

The rosters are listed below:

You Only Love Once
Heartseeker/Amethyst Ashe
Heartseeker Vayne
Heartseeker Varus (if available by the 14th)
Blight Crystal Varus
Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate
Jade Fang Cassiopeia
Jade Dragon Wukong
Dark Crystal Ryze
Debonair Jayce
Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Vi
Sweetheart Annie (if available by the 14th)

Every Villain Is Loveless:
Soul Reaver Draven
Reaper/Blood Knight Hecarim
Goth Annie
Gothic Orianna
Lollipoppy/Noxus Poppy
Grim Reaper/Phantom Karthus
Nosferatu/Soul Stealer Vladimir
Nightmare Chogath
Ghost Bride/Blade Mistress Morgana
Wicked/Ravenborn Leblanc
Wicked Lulu

Sunday, February 15 – Mechanical vs Royalty

The rosters are listed below:

Sad Robot Amumu
Pulsefire Ezreal
Aether Wing Kayle
Riot Kayle
Mecha Kha’Zix
Mecha Malphite
Mecha Aatrox
Nunu Bot
Full Metal Rammus
Full Metal Jayce
Super Galaxy Rumble
Battlecast Kog’Maw
Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath
Battlecast Alpha Skarner
Battlecast Urgot
Battlecast Vel’Koz
Battlecast Xerath

Jarvan IV
Ashe (Extra style points for using Queen Ashe)
Tryndamere (Extra style points for using King Tryndamere w/Queen Ashe)
Justicar Syndra
Justicar Aatrox
Royal Guard Fiora

Sultan Gangplank
Pharaoh Amumu
Pharaoh Nasus
Pharaoh Nidalee
Warrior Princess Sivir
Royal Shaco
Count Vladimir/Marquis/Blood Lord Vladimir
Lord Darius
Lord Mordekaiser
Overlord/Shadow Prince/Vizier Malzahar
Warlord Shen
Thunder Lord Volibear
Woad King Darius
Imperial Lux
Imperial Xin Zhao
Lunar Goddess Diana
Frost Queen Janna
King Rammus

Sign Ups

*Even if you don’t own any of the skins, we still encourage you to sign up in case we need to fill in some missing slots. For example if you have Annie, Ashe, Varus, etc and you don’t have the skins you can still play if we need to fill in for people who don’t show. Just specify when signing up!*

Saturday, February 14th – Y.O.L.O. vs E.V.I.L.

Sunday, February 15th – Mechanical vs Royalty


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