Seeking submissions for The Summoner’s Herald, Volume II

Nyroth first look

We’re going to be publishing two backdated editions of The Summoner’s Herald to cover the events of Nyroth. The Herald is our in-universe newspaper, in the style of the Journal of Justice. Like the JoJ, the Herald is published at the Institute of War under the auspices of the Council, and is relied upon not only by Summoners and Champions but also by the more internationally minded among Valoran’s population. (And who knows? There might even be some issues getting shipped over to Nyroth.) Unlike the JoJ, the Herald has not been shut down in the midst of a corruption scandal, at least not yet. Though regarded as useful and informative, it does tend to err on the side of praising the Council and avoiding controversy, and often uses a rather flowery and moralizing tone that feels rather antiquated compared to (say) the independently published news magazines of Zaun.

The first Nyroth issue will be contemporaneous with the arrival of the four factions on Nyroth. The second Nyroth issue will follow the Krocylea debacle.

Send in your ideas

If you’d like to propose a story idea, you can send it in here. Companion Prism and I will be reviewing submissions. If we think your idea will work, we’ll request an outline or draft and work on it with you. (Fair warning: as is the case in-universe, Herald pieces may be quite drastically edited.)

Some examples of good stories and other submissions:

  • Artwork is always welcome.
  • Notable Events summaries that briefly describe a recent happening. These are generally limited to one paragraph. Feel free to make up colorful events; we’ll probably use them, so long as they don’t clash with established lore.
  • Valoranian News in Review: The Herald sometimes republishes pieces from national newspapers.
  • Summoner’s Briefing: Op-eds and analysis, as well as educational articles.
  • Letters to the Editors: Write in to the Herald staff and get a response.

Although we do run some comedic pieces in the Herald, be careful not to get too zany. Sometimes we find ourselves swimming in completely ridiculous submissions that are a bit too obviously comedic. Likewise, colorful tidbits about either events from the arc or events of your own creation are generally preferred to heavy-handed moralizing about how that faction you hate is total scum. Anything outside of Summoner’s Briefing and Letters to the Editors should be written in a primarily non-normative way. To give it an old-timey varnish, it’s fine to throw in some bombastic declarations of non-controversial principles, e.g. praising the valor of Champions fighting off Void monsters or lamenting the aftermath of a tragic accident. However, for the most part, you should be reporting “facts”.

If you’d like to see some examples, try our most recent edition.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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