February 21-22 Featured Matches Schedule

February 21 – The Void vs The Shadow Isles

Upon defeating the Freljord, The Shadow Isles claims the title as the coolest of the factions, and brings an end to the bad puns. However, it seems that the other nations of Valoran did not realize the play on words that was going on. They are demanding their turn to claim the title as the coolest faction of Valoran. From now on, the current holder of title of the coolest faction will have to defend their status each week. The faction currently holding onto the title will get blue side in 2 of the 3 games during the featured matches, while the challenger will get the red/purple side for 2 out of the 3 games.

While every faction is chomping at the bit to fight the Shadow Isles for their chance at glory and coolness, the Void was the fastest to challenge them. Evidently they are a little mad about Krocylea and had the extra motivation to challenge the Shadow Isles the soonest.

Both sides will be using their intermission rosters. These games will be played in normal tournament draft.

February 22:  Ionia vs Noxus – Nemesis

Noxus, already angry at Ionia for their humiliating defeat in Shon-Xan, is extremely upset with how they emerged victorious in the Nyroth dispute. Hoping to regain some honor and pride, Noxus challenges them to battle. Ionia, feeling extremely confident after their upset victory over Nyroth, will face their rivals, their nemesis, on the Fields of Justice.

Matches will take place in Nemesis draft using intermission rosters. In champion select, players will select champions from the roster of the opposing faction, for the opposing faction to play, and vise-versa.

After considering how bans work much more differently in Nemesis draft than in the other game modes, we are having a special rule about bans for these set of matches while in Nemesis draft. Normally, factions uses bans as throw-aways because of how limiting the rosters already are. This time, factions can choose to ban champions from their own roster if they wish. This allows factions to remove champions on their roster that no one feels comfortable playing. Of course, they have to leave a minimum of 5 champions on their roster un-banned so its playable.

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3 comments on “February 21-22 Featured Matches Schedule
  1. Saforan says:

    First time Casting a game, Really excited ^-^

  2. Wizard996 says:

    Oh boy, I see some empty silvers. I’ll see what I can do to fill them if I’m around.

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