February 28-March 1 Featured Matches Sign Ups

Going to start with an apology for getting this out a day late. I tried making the sign ups yesterday but encountered a computer and/or good drive error that wouldn’t let me get the forms out. I eventually ran out of time between classes while trying to fix it, but it seems to have fixed itself today.

February 28 – The Void vs Piltover

Having defeated the Shadow Isles, The Void is now the current holder of the title as the Coolest Faction of Runeterra. Much of Valoran is upset that their one common enemy is holding such a title. Noxus, currently holding great momentum after defeating Nyroth’s victors, thought it was time to pay the Void back for the battle of Noxus. However, just as they submitted the petition to the League, Piltover was announced to be the next contender for a shot at the title. Noxus is going to have to wait while the City of Progress and the Void fight it out using their intermission rosters.

March 1 – Demacia vs Bilgewater

To the south of the coast of the Fyrone Flats, a League survey team found a sunken chest containing valuable trinkets holding great monetary value. Being 2 of the largest naval powers in Valoran, Bilgewater and Demacia both stake a claim to it. The League decides that it will keep half of the value of the contents of the chest, and the other half will be given to Demacia and Bilgewater. However, the amount that each nation will receive shall be decided on the Fields, as is the usual manner. A 3-0 victory will give the victorious faction 10 commerce and the losing faction nothing, while a 2-1 victory will give the faction with the winning record 7 commerce and the other faction 3 commerce.

*Note, these stat values are being based on the old commerce system. With world systems currently being revised, 10 commerce in the old system could have a very different value than in the new system. So, if the commerce system is changed, it will end up being a gain equivalent to a 10 commerce gain in the old system.

Sign Ups


February 28: The Void vs Piltover

March 1: Demacia vs Bilgewater

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