World Systems Discussion: Espionage


One major project we need to complete before starting up the next arc is to revise World Systems. We have a fairly complete first draft ready for community discussion.

At Naggaork’s suggestion, I’m going to try to focus the discussion by going through each area of World Systems, one by one. We’re starting with Espionage. This system contains the rules that govern factions’ attempts to spy on and sabotage one another. This sort of thing has really helped to spice up previous arcs: a lot of memorable events arose out of Espionage. We’ve attempted to clean up those rules to be more clear, while at the same time introducing an element of genuine mystery—people pointed out that it was a little weird that all of these “secret spy missions” were public knowledge, at least out-of-universe, so in the new version of the rules there’s a lot more potential for secrecy.

You’re encouraged to come take a look and join the discussion.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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