Shurima v. Noxus, Ionia v. Zaun resolutions posted

I’ve updated the schedule post for this past weekend’s matches with short resolutions. Technical difficulties prevent us from posting the long-form lore at this time, but we know you’ll be excited when you see the full Herald stories They’re a bit short, because I’ve been a little busy lately, but I do plan to try to get something more elaborate together when I can. For now, I hope these summaries will tide you over. If your Summoner might have some in-universe reactions, or if you yourself have some ideas for stories that we could tell based on these events, please share them on the forum.

Expect posts for this coming weekend’s matches today or tomorrow. We’re still locking down some details, but I believe it’s safe to announce that the matchups will be Bandle City v. Bilgewater and the Freljord v. the Shadow Isles.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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