Featured Matches Schedule for 28 March, 25 CLE (Bandle City versus the Shadow Isles)

league of legends

Summoners of the League of Legends! Hear ye and be warned that the Council has decreed that a contest of arms upon that Field of Justice known as Summoner’s Rift shall conclusively resolve the dispute hereafter described.

♦ 28 MARCH, 25 CLE. BANDLE CITY contests the seizure of a ship and her crew, bearing Nyrothian artifacts and bound for the Freljord, by the SHADOW ISLES.

Let the word of the League be as law, lest all the powers of Runeterra arrange themselves against ye. There may be no appeal.

This weekend, we’ll have special Intermission Featured Matches between Bandle City and the Shadow Isles (Saturday, March 28) and between Icathia (the Void) and Shurima (Sunday, March 29). As these are Intermission matches, anyone is free to put their name in the hat for either or both factions on each day. We’ll be using the Intermission Champion rosters. (These rosters tend to be much more lenient and broad than one would find during an arc.)

What are they fighting for? A Bandle City ship on its way from Nyroth to the Freljord, to deliver artifacts relating to Lanpoa, was captured by the Shadow Isles. The League generally avoids becoming involved in conflicts on the high seas, but in this case Bandle City claims the Nyroth peace edict still applies. If Mordekaiser gets his way, that captured ship will likely set sail straight for Daeyux. Meanwhile, perhaps sensing that Shurima might not be a mere “League territory” much longer, Icathia demands that the League turn over control of the Tempest Flats. Certain members of the Council objected, and Azir has gathered a team of Champions to represent the Council’s claims on the Fields.

Matches will begin at 12:30 p.m. Pacific (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern) on each day, and there will be three matches per day. These matches will be held on the NA server.

Matches will be streamed at twitch.tv/LeagueFactions.

Matches will be conducted using Intermission Champion lists.

Saturday, 28 March, 25 CLE—
Bandle City v. the Shadow Isles

The approximate location where a Shadow Isles galley intercepted a yordle vessel bearing Argyrian artifacts to the Freljord.

The approximate location where a Shadow Isles galley intercepted a yordle vessel bearing Argyrian artifacts to the Freljord.

During the Nyroth dispute, the Freljord laid claim to the island of Argyre, an arctic island home to a disorganized tribal civilization of “prehistoric” yordles similar to the Champion Gnar. Their exploration revealed an artifact-being known by the Argyrian yordles as “Lanpoa”, which appeared to be a smaller version of the Mothership at the center of Bandle City. The Freljordians requested assistance from Bandle City, and a yordle delegation soon arrived. The arrangement had been that the yordles would assist the Freljord in “unlocking” Lanpoa’s magic for the Frostguard’s use. To the Freljord’s dismay, however, the yordle emissaries swiftly flew into a bout of religious fervor, proclaiming that Lanpoa had spoken to them and declared that henceforth only the prayers of yordles would be heard.  All of the Freljord’s requests would thus necessarily be conveyed through yordle intermediaries, subject to the yordles’ judgments as to when such entreaties might appropriately be presented. Lissandra was, for clearly non-evil reasons, thoroughly “disappointed” to hear that her queries would have to be transmitted to yordle clerics. She did turn over a few terse requests, which came with a very firm warning that their contents not be repeated any further than was necessary.

Following the Nyroth dispute, a yordle merchant freighter (christened the Sweet Sunnysparkles) set sail from Argyre, carrying a sealed chest marked for delivery only to Lissandra herself.  As it passed Ceruleana, the icy sea-mist turned black and blocked out the moon’s light. No sooner had the yordle marines taken positions to repel boarders than a Shadow Isles ghoul-barge appeared, Mordekaiser himself at the prow. The phantoms of drowned sailors began clawing their way up the sides of the yordle ship. Mordekaiser’s curse slew the captain and, with his soul now bound to the Murder-King’s will, used him as a puppet to draw down the Bandle City flag. Though the undead soon overpowered the ship, most of the yordles found themselves not slain but bound and held prisoner, taken into Thresh’s “care” as charges of the Chain Warden.

When Lissandra irately demanded to know why the shipment had not arrived, Bandle City discovered that the captive yordle freighter was sailing back down toward Nyroth under the command of the Shadow Isles. Mordekaiser proclaimed his desire to take the yordles for a stroll on the shores of Daeyux, a cursed island that drains the life from any living being that sets foot (or paw) upon it, raising them again as undead.

Bandle City has objected to the seizure. While the League generally declines to exercise jurisdiction over conflicts on the high seas, Bandle City’s yordlawyers have argued that this shipment was in fact a part of its operations on Nyroth, and thereby fell within the League’s responsibility to oversee.


Though their capabilities on the Fields had been much in doubt since their exceedingly poor performance in Nyroth, the Shadow Isles stunned onlookers by annihilating Bandle City’s Champions and Summoners in a 3–0 victory. Mordekaiser filled the adjudicative panel with Summoners and legal experts reputed to owe him a few “favors”, and Bandle City’s challenge was summarily dismissed.

No living soul not under the direct protection of the Shadow Isles can survive on Daeyux, and the last any living Valoranian or Nyrothian ever saw of the Sunnysparkles was the vessel passing through the fog surrounding the cursed island. However, that night in Bandle City the Mothership’s klaxons began blaring and screeching, and every yordle within a day’s travel was seized by a nightmarish vision of Mordekaiser standing over hundreds of yordle-wraiths, all shuffling forward with blood-curdling moans and squeaks. (Yordle-human relations suffered a serious setback when, the next day, yordles reported this to their human friends and more often than not were met by stifled laughter, followed by comments along the lines of, “Sorry, no, that’s horrible, I don’t know what came over…did you say squeaks?”)


The schedule is posted below. There will likely also be some opportunities for last-minute fill-ins.

Sunday: Icathia v. Shurima

The sign-up for tomorrow’s matches is here. It will be open for another couple of hours.


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4 comments on “Featured Matches Schedule for 28 March, 25 CLE (Bandle City versus the Shadow Isles)
  1. 501stbigmike says:

    So, Cupcake hasn’t made the schedule yet and Porkchop and I were never given the sign up lists. We’re going to have to handle the Sunday matches, Shurima vs Icathia (aka Void), like pick up matches to get things to work. Please be in Faction’s Chat if you want to play.

  2. silencermage says:

    Are we gonna find out what the artifact was?

  3. SonOfTill says:

    Nagga, you might need to take a second look at the schedule

  4. ChiIdishBrandino says:

    When am i going to get an invite

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