April 11–12 Ironspike Team Signups

Ironspike Mountains

The battle for the Ironspike Mountains nexus continues this weekend. The semi-finals will be held on Saturday, and the finals will be held on Sunday.

We’ll be using premade teams for these final rounds. Anyone can gather and submit a team, and you’re encouraged to do so. Tier compositions will be HHHGG (three Diamond/Plat, two Gold). Note that you’re free to underfill: if you’ve got a Silver that you think is your best choice for a Gold slot, you’re completely free to draft them.

You can submit your teams here. If a faction ends up submitting more than one team, we’ll alternate. Captains are free to make changes to the lineup at will.


The following teams have been confirmed as of the morning of April 10. There is still time to submit other teams.

for the Freljord


  • Captain—Revoluxionist
  • Summoner I—Revoluxionist (H)
  • Summoner II—Nebulosus (H)
  • Summoner III—Aniv (H)
  • Summoner IV—501st Big Mike (G)
  • Summoner V—LightPhyXer (G)
  • Standing by—Ask Konata (H), Wrath of Avarice (G), AbiwonKenabi (G), Saforan (L)

for Zaun


  • Captain—Naggarok
  • Summoner I—Naggarok (H)
  • Summoner II—RustSka (H)
  • Summoner III—SonOfTill (H)
  • Summoner IV—Rahh231 (G)
  • Summoner V—Sodaman64 (G)

Still open

Teams have not been submitted for either Icathia or Noxus.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “April 11–12 Ironspike Team Signups
  1. LightPhyXer says:

    Epic Freljord versus nobody set up tomorrow.

    Clearly Tryndamere was too manly in that 3 vs 5.

  2. Kawaii Asuna (Ask Konata) says:

    My soft spot for noxus makes me sad when I realize they have no team submitted yet.

  3. Revoluxionist says:

    Will teams be able to edit their rosters after submitting? Such as, if they find other players that want to play or people can’t play, etc.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Yep. So long as they stay tier-compliant. We basically just want to make sure that people have a team together and aren’t just saying “yeah I bet I could find four other people then”.

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