Ironspike Tournament Final Round Schedule

Ironspike Mountains

The tournament to decide which faction will gain control of the Ironspike nexus concludes this weekend. There will be three matches per day, with the first match beginning at 1 p.m. Pacific (4 p.m. Eastern) on each day. This tournament will close the extended post-Nyroth Intermission with a bang.

We’re using premade, high-tier (HHHGG) teams for this weekend. It seems that Icathia and Noxus are feeling like testing their luck, and will presumably be throwing teams together based on who’s available the day of. This will make the weekend something of a test of the relative power of premade versus pick-up teams, as the Freljord and Zaun each have premade teams ready to battle: the Freljord led by Summoner Revoluxionist, who has started the most Intermission matches of any Summoner in Factions, and Zaun led by Summoner Naggarok, who is angry from hours spent toiling over the revised World Systems that will debut next arc and has lots of frustration to vent.

A hang-gliding yordle messenger arrives with a rush dispatch. It appears that the entry of a Noxian team was delayed by fierce infighting among several subfactions, ending in at least one duel to the death. The Council has granted a Noxian petition to add a team to the lineup at the last minute, headed by Summoner Ask Konata.

Semifinals—Saturday, 11 April, 25 CLE

The Freljord, Icathia, and Noxus will fight three matches against one another to determine which of them will advance to face the Teknopolis of Zaun in the final round on Sunday.

Match I—Noxus versus the Freljord

Ironspike Morgana
Anivia Ironspike Dialogue
It wasn’t long ago that Noxus launched a campaign of “barbarian pacification” in the Freljord. This should be a spirited match.

Match II—Icathia versus Noxus

Velkoz Ironspike Dialogue
Draven Ironspike Dialogue

Speaking of grudges, the voidspawned armies of Icathia devastated Noxus during the rise of Discord. Perhaps Darius and Draven have a few follow-up questions to axe them.

Match III—the Freljord versus Icathia

RekSai Ironspike Dialogue
Braum Ironspike Dialogue

The semifinals will finish up with a battle between the Freljord and Icathia.

Finals—Sunday, 12 April, 25 CLE

Noxus and Zaun will fight a best-of-three set to determine the tournament’s victor.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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One comment on “Ironspike Tournament Final Round Schedule
  1. Kawaii Asuna (Ask Konata) says:

    *ahem* I made a Noxus team, I’d like to be mentioned with Nagga and Revo.

    Something like, “Last minute Konata enters team literally ten minutes before the games start.”

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