May 30-31 Featured Matches Sign Ups – Piltover Weekend


Back to Regular Set-up

Alright, so this week we are going back to the normal set-up for featured matches and not streamed pick-up matches. For those who don’t know already, that means teams can only be filled by summoners declared for that specific faction (e.g. no cross faction subs) and we have sign up for players and casters/streamers. For this week, while lore team hashes out all the fine details of the arc, the prize for these games is they will be worth 15 points each. (A normal pick-up is worth 10 points base value.) It is similar to last week’s prize, but with some key differences: forfeits are possible, so not being able to get players together for a faction will actually hurt them unlike last week; there is no rank adjust, featured matches have set ranks for the different player slots and while underfilling is allowed to avoid forfeiting it does not affect the point value; and lastly that all games will have the extra points, unlike this last week were mismatched games (rank wise) did not receive the bonus points.

Piltover Weekend

With this 3-faction arc, the featured matches are going to be set up with each weekend featuring a specific faction. That faction will play 3 matches against one faction and Saturday, and then 3 matches against the other faction on Sunday. The faction being featured changes every week, and it will balance out to every faction having the same number of weekends being featured. After brutally intense statistical analysis, known as eenie-meenie-miney-moe, Piltover was selected as the first faction to be featured. They will play Shurima on Saturday, and Noxus on Sunday.

Sign Ups

Casting and Streaming Piltover Noxus Shurima Let’s get this arc started and best of luck to all those who will participate in this weekend’s featured matches. Noxus, Piltover, and Shurima, 3 factions, but which one will rise?

Who Will Rise

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7 comments on “May 30-31 Featured Matches Sign Ups – Piltover Weekend
  1. insaiyanbacca says:

    so hexakill was just realeased how popular is the idea of doing the featured’s in hexakill?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      I would be fully open to discussing the possibility of allowing Factions Hexakill matches. We should talk about the point-weighting, etc. But I think it sounds fun. And it’s the sort of not-quite-meta gameplay that Factions embraces.

    • Jpdaniel says:

      This is how that goes:
      Noxus: WELP close-quarters combat and we have a few op champs in here. GG.
      Piltover: Stay at towers, and stall like hell until very very late when Noxus wipes themselves with a stupid play.
      Shurima: Uhhhh…. Guys…. what’s an early game? What… What do you MEAN we’re stuck with REDUCED XP GAINS! We NEED TO SCALE! THIS ISN’T SHURIMA. I WANNA GO HOME.

  2. CupcakeTrap says:

    I think it’s objectively clear that Shurima will rise. The Sun Disc and everything. The others are only rising figuratively.

    • Saforan says:

      Cupcake for Shurima confirmed

    • Centuros says:

      Dunno, Darius rises pretty mercurially before bringing his axe crashing down on the weak, unprotected necks of his enemies…

    • 501stbigmike says:

      Hey, you never know. Shurima might be trying to rise but Noxus could stomp then down under their boot or Piltover could show them that “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”

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