May 23-24 Featured Matches


The arc has only started very recently, and so the number of players that have officially declared for each faction are still pretty low. While we wait for everyone to sign up, I’ll run the streamed pickup matches this week for the featured matches, as they are easier to get players for.

For those who don’t already know, featured matches require that a teams for a faction to be filled only by players who have officially declared their allegiance to that faction. Streamed pickup matches are easier to fill with players as anyone can sub for a faction’s team, as long as they are not subing against their own faction (with a small deduction in the point value of the game).


Of course, we still want to have some prize on this, so we are going to make these matches worth an extra 50% of the base point value, if we can get even matches to have reasonably balanced teams, ranked wise. That’s 15 points per game (before adjustments for BoP gap, subs, and skill tiers) instead of the usual 10, if we can get the balance in ranks relatively even on the teams facing each other. We have been getting the ranks pretty balanced for most of the streamed pick-up matches, so I am expecting a lot of 15 point matches this weekend.

Matches will run the usual 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm Pacific time both Saturday and Sunday. So, hop into factions chat sometime then if you want to play, cast, or stream in any of the matches.


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