June 6-7 Featured Matches Schedule

Noxus Weekend

This week’s featured matches are featuring Noxus, who will play against Piltover on Saturday and Shurima on Sunday. Once again the prize for this week is that the matches are worth 50% more base points than pickup matches.

These matches will be held on the NA server. We do intend to also hold Featured Matches on EUW and in other regions, as we have in previous arcs, but right now we only have the critical mass to run NA Featured Matches.

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2 comments on “June 6-7 Featured Matches Schedule
  1. Darthzues says:

    So do we need to be looking for the match or will we be invited?

    • 501stbigmike says:

      You’ll be receiving an invite about 10 min before the start time. Unless we are behind, in which case the invite will come as soon as we can get them out.

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